Chest Refill (1.10.2-1.12.2) - Create refillable chests


@Niebek would you possibly be able to make it where a person can only access the chest once? As in, I go to the chest and grab items, my friend grabs items right after me, but if we go back later it’ll still be empty but for players that haven’t grabbed the items in it before they’ll still be in there. So each person can only get the chest one time basically, but everyone can get the chest once.


Of course it would be possible to make such thing, but I think that it would be better to have this in a separate plugin. A plugin that locks chests… or something similar, because I would like to avoid storing player information in Chest Refill.

I will think about it.


Chest Refill-1.4.0 (1.10.2-1.12.2)

This update brings kits to Chest Refill! Check out the wiki to learn more about them!

Release Notes


  • Added Kits! You can now create kits and assign them to containers. Their file format is almost identical to containers.json. Take a look at the wiki to get to know how to use them. :slight_smile:


  • Performance improvement! Containers are now cached. This means that loading them and refilling should take less time.
  • If container will error during refilling (or something unexpected will happen) then you will get an error message in the console. Written in red so that you know something went wrong.
  • General code improvements.

Download available at Github-ChestRefill

Thanks for using Chest Refill! :grin:


I’d like to suggest to make a chest remember the position of items. just adds a bit to the aesthetics.


Hey what exactly is a ‘kit’? I checked the wiki, and I’m going to play around with it anyways, but it might be helpful to explain what one is! In my head, a kit is like a ‘one use’ sorta thing, but idk what it’d be for you? Goodjob with the plugin though!


Good idea! I will try to do something with it. :slight_smile:


Uhhh… looks like I forgot about explaining kits in the wiki… Thanks for noticing. :grin:

The idea with kits was to create something like a" predefined bundles of items".

You can create a kit (a bundle of items) and assign it to multiple chests. Chests with a kit assigned to them will regenerate/restore items which the kit contains.

Basically, instead of creating 10 chests with a “archer set” and setting up each individually by putting items in them… you can put one chest on the ground, put items in it for your “archer set”, run /cr createkit archer to create archer kit and then when you create a new chest by running /cr create [chestname], you can simply run /cr assignkit [chestname] and right click the chest to start refilling items from the kit/bundle.

Hope it makes things clearer for you. If I made it more difficult to understand then feel free to ask more. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, seems perfect to me. Cheers! Thanks for the quick response :ok_hand: Good Plugin, man!


Hello, i want to inform you about mistake in your Chest plugin. When I create chest or a lot of chests, someone of them have a bug. For example there appears one kind of equipment but it’s not updating until the chest is completely full. Could you please let me know if you understand what I mean, if not, I’ll try to tell you more details.


I understood that chests are not being refilled until they are full. This sounds really strange and it should not be happening.

it would be really helpful if you can tell me more or even how I can recreate the problem myself.


Can you add permissions for each chest? So users require certain permissions to access the individual chests and the * permission to access them all? It would be really useful when used on servers. :slight_smile:


I will try to do something with it. :slight_smile: