Client control

I’m no developper just a server admin.

I really would like to see some client control implemented in some way.
As an administrator it is a hell to setup a world, balance the difficulty etc .,. And player experience get ruined by some people coming in with cheats and so on.

Orebfuscator, no cheat anticheat, etc are costly (ressource wise) and inefective/incomplete response.
Security solutions have poor support of forge mods (custom blocks) with lots of false positive etc. … (
Swimming in petrol, mining with steel pickaxe etc …)

It would be great to offer the possibility to server admin to push clients and mods to the client. Securing the transaction with some kind of authentication. ( i dunno but i guess solution exists )

This optionnal mechanism would be a great way to preserve world’s balance with no or few headaches for the server admin.

I have no idea how difficult this would be but i really would like such thing. :slight_smile:


1.8 has done a little bit of code editing to stop X-Ray, there are a lot of Anti-Cheat plugins and while they aren’t perfect that’s the best we got.I don’t know will Sponge implement anything that is going to act like Anti-Cheat.
BTW:Players can’t use mods on servers if the server doesn’t have that mod installed.They can see them in there inventory but they can’t craft items use tools or even put stuff that the mod adds into there inventory.
The best way to stop cheating on servers is to use plugins.

Anticheat, nocheat is one thing ( mainly behaviour analysis from wht i could understand )and are effective with vanilla blocks (aka pure bukkit server) .
But things get very tricky when using forge mods with customs blocks and tools. So maybe with sponge, plugin developpers will take into account custom blocks. Because only response i had until today was : You are using a modded version of bukkit we cant do anything for you ! ( i am using cauldron )

Anti Xray mod (not texture pack) and ellian like mods are more problematic. I could add to the list voxel, journeymap, rei etc …

Any way security is like cat and mouse : anticheat/security plugin get updated then some new client mod will popup with some kind of hack etc …

Thts why i think client control could be an easy solution and effective (from the server admin point of view :slight_smile: ).

i think the best anti cheat solution still is user report and regular backups (against hack-griefers)
if you do a backup every 30 mins and only delete them if e.g. nothing has changed or nobody has complained about anything within 24 hours you cant loose much of your world etc.

You’re talking about Bukkit plugins, which aren’t mod-aware. Sponge has first-class support for mods and thus plugins will have to be written to take this into account.

This question has been answered a couple of times already:

Will you be able to send mods from the server to the client?
The general consensus is against this due to security concerns.
Minecraft’s API does not plan to send mods (with executable code) to the client either.