Client mods analyzer

That would make sense as well. I’m not sure if the client repeatedly requests for chunk data though, but seems a bit unnecessary to some extent. I just know that I can set a block under ground to an ore with WorldEdit, and Spigot’s ore obfuscator will show it until I unload and reload the chunk (which means it probably wouldn’t be cached or it’d reload the chunk with the ore visible in it). That’s about the only evidence I have as to how it works though.

From doing client analyzing with punkbuster back for the game America’s Army, it not only is a pain, but it’s very difficult. PunkBuster (PB) had to act like a rootkit to watch for .dll’s and .exe’s being hooked by the cheat clients. Cheats then got around this by doing things to avoid the checks, so then PB started taking screenshots of the client and sending them to the server. PB would then cause problems for normal users when a file was corrupt, or using non-cheating overlays.

tl;dr Client analyzing is more hassle than it’s worth.

Summer 2011, same here, my first server’s owner showed me how to get zombe :wink:

Zombe’s modpack was all the rage back then.

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Why don’t they do something like how forge does it? When a player connects to a forge server with mods, it gets a list sent from the client, so why not have a feature that allows you to ban a certain mod ID that is contained in that list when a player connects?

If Sponge has access to fetching that list from Forge, then someone will likely write a plugin for that.

And has Sponge acceess to that data?

@MetalGearDaner It most probably has. If it does not, you could either access Forge to fetch the list, or request the Sponge devs to add it to the API.

Well, it likely doesn’t right now of course, but I can imagine that’d be something worth implementing at some point.

But remember hacked clients don’t use forge. You possible could stop some nubs that installed mods you don’t want. But if it are smartasses, they will modify forge to not send these mods and they get in anyway.

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Well that’s right. But if some of them can be caught, it’s something. I suppose there will be lots of plugins NoCheatPlus-like to prevent and localize those smarter players who use illegal mods.

I was also going to say what @anon55597060 said because yes there are plugins to catch cheats and orebfuscator. Also if your server doesn’t allow anyone to have access to fly or creative except for staff members and up, if you see a player who is not a staff member and up flying, you can just ban them on the spot anyways.

There are definitely going to be plugins/mods which will be able to do this. Don’t worry.

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