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Hello. Even if sponge is not ready to be used as server, I’m sure it is still possible to make a bat script to run the client and server separately from snapshot jar. My question is not weather i can run sponge as server and go on it, my question is how do I/is it possible to make a bat script to run server and client separately from jar. If it is not possible, (but I’m pretty sure it is), please just say so! Do not post annoying posts on this topic like “Sponge is unstable and should not be used yet”. This has nothing to do with the topic. I am requesting help here because I thought there were smart programmers on here that could help me with this issue. I am not asking for your input on if sponge works or not. I’m asking your input on how to run bla bla bla. Thank you!

Setup a Forge server, place Sponge in the mods folder and run forge from a .bat, simple.

You are given many answers, but you still try for an answer that you want to hear.

And this is breaking one of the forum rules: No trolling/arguing

Yeah but the thing is the jar i have can be run as a client and server in eclipse. The snapshot jar is an client and server itself. But when i try to use the jar itself as client or server, (clicking on it), nothing happens. So i would want to know how to run jar on its own as server/client with bat file, choosing which one to run it as

DotDash, I am not arguing, I am constructively criticizing these people’s posts, and also, you are underestimating trolling. If you think posting topics is trolling, then I’m sorry to say it isn’t.

You just get the vanilla server, install forge and put it into the mods folder.

Stop creating new threads that just repeat the same question, I shall be locking this one along with your 2nd thread. Continue in your first thread if you wish, but do not create any more.