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Okay, let me break this down one piece at a time.

Anyway, does your plugin have the same ability as Skript in regards to creating custom commands?

Yes, but not in the new pre-release - use 1.0.1. Creating a custom command is a simply as adding an alias - no need for it to be an existing command. All aliases must be a single word (no spaces), and my fix for that is actually what broke aliases for 1.1.0-pr1 xD

Also, would it be possible to have conditions to be met for the events executed in the command?

Finally, would it also be possible for variables to be used?

Both of these are not currently possible. I have intentions of working on systems for conditions, triggers, and evaluations at some point. The primary issue I had with Skript, CommandHelper, and other similar things is the complexity of it’s syntax. Everything’s simple once you get used to it, but there’s a point where it becomes too complex. I believe there’s a fine line between things that can be done through plugins and things that should be done in code, and my intention is to ensure CmdControl doesn’t cross that.

TL; DR: Soon™

I want to make a command that has a 3% chance of triggering the /pokespawncoords command, adding in variables to randomly select which Pokemon is spawned.

Short answer, there isn’t an easy way to do this. If you figure out something that works, let me know!

Since you said you hated Skript, you must be familiar with the format even if a little.

Sorry for throwing Skript format at you, but I wanted to show what it was I am trying to do.

I prefer it to @$Perl.

Thanks for the help!

No problem! Hopefully you’re able to make use out of some of this xD

If you’re interested in keeping up with updates for CmdControl or any other of my plugins, join the Support Discord. I put out some of the things I’m working on for testing and review there, so it’d be great to have someone experienced with other scripting plugins to provide feedback and suggestions!


I hate that Skript isn’t going to be ported to Sponge. I used to run (now help with some stuff) a Pixelmon (bet you couldn’t tell) server that’s so heavily dependent on Skript. It has been stuck in 1.7.10 until just recently. We’re in 1.10.2 now, but obviously without any of the content that we coded in through Skript (grass spawns in the routes, daily events, custom commands, our whole storyline/progression system, etc etc). Slowly but surely, we are finding work-arounds for this and that, here and there. We’ve gone through every scripting plugin that we can find for Sponge. SimpleScript, DirectScript, Denizen2, even trying to use PoreRT to load Skript into Sponge (which, annoyingly, works for 1.11 but there’s no Pixelmon version for 1.11). I found a plugin called BlockAction just before finding your page here that enabled me to start to recreate the grass spawns (in Skript, that was controlled by the ‘on walking on’ event trigger) but its messy. Using the format I posted above, spawns weren’t constant and the Pokemon spawned was randomized, giving a more authentic feel. But, yeah, I would absolutely love to see conditions and triggers and such added in this plugin. It would certainly save us over at the server a lot of work, time, and frustration! I’d be happy to assist in any testing needing done with such mechanics.


Don’t work on latest SpongeForge 1.12.2.


I’d be surprised if it did, CmdControl is built for API 6.


For several versions below, your plugin worked.


API 7 is an experimental build and is bound to break things as it progresses. I have explicity stated in the thread that it has not been tested with API 7 and make no guarantees to the plugin’s performance. When API 7 is stable, I will begin updating my plugins.


I do not hurry you. I needed it to create automatic mines with the help of worldedit and a plugin for automatic execution of commands. But since the worldedit forge commands in the console does not work, I can not do anything yet.
If I have time, maybe I’ll write a plugin that will be used FAWE API for automatic mines.


This is exactly what I was looking for : small footprint plugin with aliases and cooldown. Don’t saying that just just made a new version 4 days ago :+1:

Edit : it works great with cmdbuilder, really nice job !
Could you include the meta as well ? Because when logging commands, we lose the original one and I don’t know which alias players use.


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I will not provide other download addresses.:狞笑:


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