Code Review

Hello guys. I’m not doing this for a plugin, so I though offtopic was an appropriate place to put this.

As said by the title, I’m posting for peer review. I have a benchmark class, and it’s robust as I can get it at the moment. I’m kind of afraid to place it on Code Review StackExchange (due to how professional the community is, they’ll probably reply with something along the lines “use JMH or Caliper, they have been tested and are created by professional developers”).

Anyways, this is the class (1K+ lines):

I need to validate the benchmark code found on the javassist code emission portion (364 down ~). I used newlines so anyone can use System.out.print(…) easily on the code and review it much quicker. Alternatively, you can run a benchmark and view the generated code.

The file is admittedly a little hard to read and is very messy due to experimentation and confirmation tests.

I also have a wiki page on the class in case you need a reference for checking implemenetation specific stuff