Colorizing server console output?

Is there a mod / plugin that’s capable of colorizing console output such that ERROR messages are red, WARN messages are yellow and INFO messages are a green or a customizable grey? I’d like to be able to more quickly isolate important messages and color would be ideal in this case…

Ultimately having some kind of regex colorizer with a config file to define string matches would be amazing.

You can use ANSI color codes in your log messages. \e[91m for red, \e[92m for green, \e[93m for yellow.

That’s really nice, but can the logger be modified or a mod developed that would modify server output so that it’s colorized as such?

Forge gained support for colorized console output fairly recently: Improve server console implementation (#4821) · MinecraftForge/[email protected] · GitHub

Once a new Forge RB comes out containing that change, Sponge will be updating to it.