Command Block Support

I’m creating an adventure map of sorts, and would like to keep it as vanilla as possible. That being said, I need special features of some plugins. So I was wondering if command blocks are supported by Sponge. So say if I use a command from a plugin, will Sponge allow that plugin’s commands to be used by a command blocks?

P.S. I couldn’t tell wether to put this in the main Sponge discussion or the Plugin disscussion. Feel free to move it as the comments pan out.

Pretty sure yes. All commands that can be used by the console should be usable by commandblocks.

Ok, cool. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, just be careful what commands you call. Some plugin commands can only be run by a player, calling the sudo command (I have used the one from essentials, other plugins might have it, or you could make your own) from the command block with a @p[args] in place of the player name can fix this issue.

EDIT: This seems like a pretty good plugin for that if you don’t wanna deal with the bloatedness of Essentials.


You know, now that you have called in the “Essentials Police” maybe I should go ahead and state my opinion before someone tries to yell at me for calling essentials bloated. Essentials may not be bloated because it takes a while to load or uses memory but it is bloated because it can simply be too much. It is perfect for scenarios where you want one plugin to handle many of the basic features of your server and I use it all the time when I put together servers for people but sometimes people just don’t want all the stuff that comes with essentials, warps, teleporting, homes, etc etc etc. This guy wants to keep this server as vanilla as possible and I think that this is a situation in which a few choice plugins should be used to tweak gameplay rather than bringing in the whole Essentials package. Don’t lecture me on lazy loading, I know how essentials works I’ve used it for years but sometimes there are cases in which it is inappropriate to use and I firmly believe this is one case.


Command blocks are in effect in-game interfaces for command input to the game. Just as command blocks could run any properly registered Bukkit plugin command, they can (or at least I would expect them to; obviously no way to tell for sure right this moment) run any properly registered Sponge plugin command.

The only issue I think you might have is if a command in a plugin is expecting to only be used by a player, or only by console. There are ways to check a command source, and certain plugin commands might be restricted to only players, only console, or players and console but no command blocks.

As far as I’m aware - unlike Bukkit we actually plan to support CommandBlocks.

Bukkit had something against them, saying that plugins could do better. Whilst plugins /can/ do better, ensuring compatability with vanilla maps, and the ability to expand on all aspects of vanilla is important.


This means not only will they work, but plugins can make them better.

The current command implementation probably supports sponge commands being run from a command block, but there’s no support for any of the ‘enhanced’ features allowed by command blocks, so a replacement for a vanilla command would break any maps reliant on command blocks using the replaced commands.