CommandSigns Reloaded - Create signs that run commands!


So this could be used to create shops as long as we have an economy plugin, correct? Like running a command to charge the clicker, then give an item…?


Set price of a sign
The player will have to pay X amount in order to use the sign
/csign set price X
/csign set price 10
The player will have to pay $10.00 to use the sign
You can disable it with
/csign set price 0

would it be possible to do something similar with like an item currency rather then economy currency? where sign could require an item or items to use the sign rather then eco dollars.


That is possible combination with

Get on my discord server and I’ll help you.


Yes, this is the goal of this plugin


Ello! I got a simple suggestion for this:

A global cooldown for a sign

A player uses it and noone else could use it until the cooldown is over :slight_smile:



would love to see this happen. especially if you could link commands to entities too.


Getting this error on start up…
Everything still works, would just like to get rid of it if I could.


Everything works perfectly, except for the /give command. /Give won’t work under any circumstances, yet commands such as /adminpay still work. Am I missing a simple config tweak? I have permission to use /give, set commands, and all commands work in a command block


I am stupid. I needed to add console: before the command. Everything is working perfectly again, thank you for making this!


So i noticed mobs/tnt/etc can destroy signs, any plans to add protection against those in the future or will i need a separate protection mod?


Is it possible to execute the commands by using console?


What version is it


I think I found a bug. I’m running commandsigns along side Pieconomy (item-based economy mod) When I create a sign that gives items. It works correctly. When I add a modifier that says it costs 1 dollar to use, It correctly breaks down my gold block into the necessary funds and withdraws 1 nugget(=1 dollar), however, it does not give me the item. I’m happy to provide more info as needed or open this in github (couldn’t find a link to it so not sure if this project has one or not.)


Hey any plans on open sourcing this great plugin?


when i set a sign to a /spawn command, both i and the default users can access it, but when i set it to a /warp command. only i can access it, any idead?

when the default user uses the /warp command without the sign, it works.


How do you add multiple permission nodes to a sign? So like I want to add a scavenger hunt around my spawn, and each item they find gives them its own permission node. Once they have all of the permission nodes, they can then click the sign.

Also, is there a way to give them 2 different errors? Say 1 for before they click the sign and the second for after they click the sign? So like after their onetime is used up on the sign and one where they don’t have permission.



Hi, I love your plugins I’ve used it for a good bit of things on my servers. I was wondering if there was a way you could add bungeecord support so I could use the signs to make players run bungeecord commands?


@RHazDev Hi. I love this plugin; it’s massively useful, what with being the only plugin I’ve found that allows binding multiple commands to a single sign/block, and without using the FallingSand exploit.

My question: Would it be possible to add support for multi-currency?
( ex. “/csign set price X [Currency]” )

I’m using:
Total Economy 1.8.1,
SpongeAPI 7.1.0 (b2736425),
Sponge 1.12.2-7.1.6-SNAPSHOT,
SpongeForge 1.12.2-2768-7.1.6-RC3643 … if knowing any of this makes a difference.

Cheers, mate!


@RHazDev Hi. I’ve noticed a rather frustrating issue with this mod; a simple left-click destroys all the commands linked to a sign. No sneak+left-click, no “/csign delete” then right-click, but just a left-click. This makes it very frustrating when you are dyslexic and try to use the sign and instead destroy your newly created 20-command-macro sign.