CommandSigns [v1.3.1] [API 6]


Thanks :slight_smile: and i will wait patiently. i didn't see that he will be adding it soon part im blind


Lots of people want this addition, especially because of the Pixelmon Island SMP youtube series. They had it a mod specifically written for them, so that specific one is private and not available to anyone.


LOL. i wanted to set up my own private pixelmon island thing cause i love their idea so i guess im one of them


Yup, me too. Hence why I'm already in the building & configuring process of my Pixelmon Server.


I test on tue 29 september 2016 9:55 PM.
commandsign 1.3 for api5 is not compatible spongeforge latest vesion.

commandsign 1.3 for API5-1.10.2
error in spongeforge-API5.0-1.10.2-2092-1758
UE is error. UC is normal.

Dear HassanS6000 please update plugin now.
Thank you very much.

Full error code lastest :


Thanks. I'll update it soon


He returns from Minecon!!


Bit confused, does both jar's support minecraft 1.10.2, Or do CommandSigns-API-4.2.0-1.3 support 1.8.9 and CommandSigns-API-5.0.0-1.3 support 1.10.2 ?


Only the api 5 one is built to support 1.10.2, up to the api change for custom data, which the plugin still needs to be updated to work with.


Thanks for the reply


@HassanS6000, not to disturb you, but do you have any idea when the selling commands for a price will be added?


This plugin breaks with this update spongeforge-1.10.2-2092-5.0.0-BETA-1770.jar :frowning:


Am aware, I will spend some of my time tonight updating all of my plugins and adding features and such that have been requested. Fallen behind for various reasons


Any ETA on updated CS with newer sponge compatibility?


any possibility to add a function to check if a player has a certain item in the inventory before using the command? :stuck_out_tongue: would be cool to see something like this being added since no-one did realy give info on my request post :slight_smile:
about the check for item would be cool if it was just the ItemID =D <3 other than that :stuck_out_tongue: using this plugin for my server ^^ <3


End of this weekend


End of this one? ^_^


Nope, I am updating it today :wink:


gg what a legend :clap:


Delayed release? Any new date? thanks for the work.