Note: Servercore Project Scrapped and replaced with this
This will also be a server manager

FR = Final Revision
V = Version
LS = Limited Support
R = Revision

Google Site Page

All downloads are on The Google site page

More Details To come
Use chat to enter the commands

Core Features

playerinfo (Chat Command “playerinfo-PLAYERNAME”)

Secondary Features
NOTE: I will not And do not Plan To Add support For Secondary Features / Partially Implemented Features

Partially Implemented / 3rd Party Code

Turrets (Long Term) (Another Jar file will be required) (Will mainly be used for my server)
Implementation At stopping point, Need Sponge to update, Turret entity Decays If player leaves chunk or after 5 min Also if server shuts down It Instead Crashes Server & Client Took error report to Mc fourms And they found no fix currently waiting on Sponge/ 1.8.7 (Rumored to have OpenGL/Graphics Crashes Fixed

Hook-ins with other plugins
Currently the list is:
Servercore (i stopped dev on it but it does work)

Currently I need Ideas For features,
Also Any Plugin dev That would like to help/hook in to my plugin Please Private Message or post on this fourm

I posted this So i could get suggestions For features

Im open to any suggestions

I offer Support to People using Version 0.5 First
Before 0.5 Comes out I will offer LIMITED SUPPORT On Ver 0.2 - 0.4
I offer No support for ver 0.1 thou ver 0.1 Revision 13FR

Overhaul, not Overhall

Why post the topic first and provide no details? Why not post the topic when you decide to provide the details?


I wanted to make shure everyone knew my plans and that is a good point but details arent that far off ill have a update in 1-2 days tops

Does / Will this have a GitHub repo? :wink:

Yes It will Have A github repo Im setting that up after this fourm tho

Updated everything

try sendMessage(Texts.of(yourString)). The sendMessage function expects a text, so please use the Text API.

We have a plugin that has /debug , /version , and /ping? That’s it? lolwut

Please give some more features :wink:

I am quite fascinated about the turret idea. It’s pretty interesting and I want to see how you can pull it off.

Turrets would be neat. Hopefully the GitHub repo becomes more than just a single fake .jar file with little formatting =)


I was going somewhere and i did not have a lot of time i figured its better than nothing, and yes there will be more features (just needed to get sendmessage to work)

github updated
Note: Formatting the github is my last concern
Note Builds Should Work compiling now on the Docs page of the google site

Last update for a few days check the projects description for reasons

I have some issues:

Where you have COmain.jar, your classes are supposed to be .java files (ie

Spelling! Overhaul, not overhall.

One more thing. You reused a lot of code from “ServerCore” that I think needs rewriting.

Otherwise, develop on.

Oh, one last thing. Maybe move away from Google Sites. It is not aesthetically pleasing.

I have been on vacation for the past while and i will Work on rewriting atleast a fair amount of the code, But what do i change to make them be .java files?

Errr the extension. You need to simply rename it. Surely it’s .java in your IDE right?

This is giving me cancer:

Thats called a Place Holder - -