Config is being overriden

My next config trouble is when I have UsersAPI class and method createAccount (in pastebin) - account is being normally created, but when I use function addUserClass, setDiscord and setPassword - happens thing shown on pastebin. Can someone solve my next problem…


Can i see your server log?

nothing special. Player issued command /XXX
No crash, error or even warning

What about when the plugin is booting? As thats when your registering the config?

no - When function addClass is used - everything looks like in pastebin

Yeah. What im saying is it could be a issue with the registeration of the config.

The changes you make to the config dont apply right away, you make the changes and then when you run the save function, thats when the changes are applied.

If there is a registeration issue then it could be not loading the data of the original config into the root node, meaning that when you save the data, your not reapplying the old data.

How to fix it? Any ideas?

If there is a registeration issue it will tell you which one in the log of the server where it will display a exception, to know how to fix it we must see what exception and where (all will be described in the log). However if the exception is not displayed then we know its something else