ConsoleSay for Sponge

This is another request of mine, if anyone is willing to either make a plugin that allows the changing of how [server] is formatted with names, colors, ect, then please reply. I wish for it to just change what displays when you type ‘say’ In the console. Easily enough this would be the commands and how they would be used.
/consolesay reload
/consolesay set [name of console]
EX: /consolesay &4[Console]

This would make what displays with ‘say’ in-game like this with a red color

[Console] Hello

The last color code would determine the text color of the console.
Color codes could also be used when typing.
Should also support Bold/Italic text as well.


Should support all the features you mentioned. If there are any more you would like to add, post it on that thread.

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Thanks for helping me!

Have a good day.