Consult on something you seniors mark props

Mark is a very common way of props, players use props to perform actions using a special mark, most use props name mark, Anvil appear after switching props content.

However, such a mark will be displayed directly in front of the player, if you can use the invisible mark is convenient for the props, the current problems in order to trouble makers.

If there is a better way and also to guide , please forgive my bad English.

it is my Plugin

you can see the mark 0~11 on props content,
i try to hide the mark, how to do it !


i use (0~11) to mark props, and use mark to run something , but the mark can be see it,
i need new mark props to mark props.

Ok well I read this a few times and I still don’t understand, could you explain it a bit better? If you speak Chinese I can translate for you but srsly try and improve your English because I really couldn’t understand what you were trying to say


I am afraid that we don’t understand you. Meaby you could try to explain it in your native language?

Yeah I don’t understand what he is trying to say either. :confused: Maybe try using google translate?

I think he already tried that ;).

So what you mean is you want to have the number (the 0, 1, 2 …) that is in the tooltip hidden? For that you could probably just give the stack a custom NBT attribute and save it in there.

Well I think I understand why he uses the word props =.=
props -> items
but in Chinese the word for items in minecraft is “道具” which will undoubtedly confuse Google translate =.=

I was kinda guessing that…

@AniKaBa can you explain using English please?

I got this covered, in a PM with him right now full of chinese ;D