Contextually Coloring Player Tags

Essentially, I am trying to create a plugin similar to Factions, but for Sponge. I would like to make it so the player’s display name above their heads are based on a player’s relation to other guilds. The only problem is that from my knowledge, the only way to do that would be for each team to have their own scoreboard, then add each other team and its members as a team to each and every scoreboard, due to relations being different for each team. This seems to me that it is rather excessive and there may be a better way, so I was looking for suggestions on how to handle my goal or if I should abandon it completely.


At the moment, using either team prefixes/suffixes or the BELOW_NAME display slot would be your best options. However, each has some downsides:

  • Prefixes and suffixes, as their names imply, can only alter the beginning and end of a player’s name. Depending on how you want to alter the player’s name, this could pose a problem
  • The BELOW_NAME display slots places the player’s score for the objective after the text. This is done client-side, so you’ll always end up with a number after your guild tag.

In the future, Sponge willl most likely support modifying the full above-head display name for players, just as you can for humans. Until the, you’re best off going with your original plan.

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Right now, you’ll need to wait for the contextual data API to be merged. It seems to have gone inactive, unfortunately.

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I never thought about using the BELOW_NAME to display the Guild tag, that is actually pretty interesting. Thanks for the assistance, I’ll try my original plan and see how it goes.

Thanks to you as well @JBYoshi, I’ll be watching this to see how it develops.

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Is it possible to vary the BELOW_NAME text per player so it could show the name of their Guild?

Yes - you would set a custom scoreboard for each player, and assign scores depending on that player’s relationship to other players.