Couple plugin requests


I didn’t want to open new topic for each request so I’d like to post them under this topic. I’d like to thank you guys for working on this API to make it better. I don’t have fun playing vanilla minecraft anymore and I depend on both plugins and mods so after cauldron was gone I was a bit sad. I’m looking foward to see sponge grow up. And I know this is not the place but I also want to say that it’s a little bit hard to get to contents at this site. I couldn’t even find sponge download links on the side but found them by typing sponge download at google only :smiley: And I don’t know how many stable plugins out there so far but if a complete list of current plugins made that would help a lot too.

Now to the main topic about plugin requests.

  1. Permission plugin. I used PEX at cauldron 1.7.10
  2. Worldborder plugin. Basicly sets a border around spawn point that cannot be passed. It can be circular or square. Everything can be controled at config file including shape, size, text to pop up when someone tries to pass it. Additional options might be dynmap support world support.
  3. Register / login system
  4. A plugin that will control sleeping. For example not counting certain permission groups, setting required percentage of people that needs to sleep to make it day etc.
  5. Chat plugin. I was using Hero chat before.
  6. A plugin that will allow people with required permission to open and change other players inventory. I was using OpenInv.
  7. Something like multiworld plugin to use more than 1 world.
  8. A pvp plugin. An example for this might be killStats plugin. Basicly what I want is to see people’s kills and deaths and be able to put them at signs. Anti boost protection and droping head when someone is killed but I want to set its drop rate at config.
  9. A plugin to control exp. What I need is to enable and disable exp drops from certain things like minecraft mobs, mining, fishing, smelting etc. Also I’d like to control required exp for each level.
  10. Last of all something like ils (item lore stats) plugin. I don’t know if its creator is here but I’ll contact him if he has any plan of implenting that plugin into sponge as well. I doubt that he’ll want that so wanted to put it here. What this plugin does is basicly allowing you to change the items’ name and stats. So you can name wooden sword as Big Sword for instance and add it stats like movement speed, damage, effect (like wither or slow etc.), class requirement (the way it works was creating a permission for each class. So if an item has Class: Mage tag for someone to use it that person needed ils.class.mage permission), level requirement etc.

Of course I don’t expect anyone to make any of this plugins right away. But I wanted to post this plugins here because they were really useful to me at cauldron as well as many people (at cb). Having these plugins one day on sponge would be great. And of course there are wg and we but since their creator is already working at sponge api I didn’t find it necessary to add them to list :smiley:

If you liked PEX, you’ll probably enjoy PEX

You should probably check the Plugin Releases category before posting your list - you may find one or two plugins there already.

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As for #2, Minecraft 1.8 has a built-in, configurable world border.


yes I saw we already have PEX at plugins category thanks for answer.


I didn’t know about it thanks. Last version I played was 1.7.10 so I am a little out dated.

Without comment. Just read :wink:

Core Mod on Sponge

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I’m a little bit confused about that links destination. Is it supposed to go to a GitHub commit? :smiley:

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Nope, I just failed at copy/paste :smiley:

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Because of their infamous association with offline-mode=true, you’re unlikely to find a lot of people willing to work on projects like this. I believe there’s one already in the Release category, though I haven’t personally looked it over.

I know that @kashike has put in some work on porting Heroes to Sponge. Maybe he has some information on HeroChat?

These plugins are fairly easy to make and, as soon as the Inventory API has been implemented, I’m sure we’ll see a rise in these types of plugins.

I’m not certain on the Scoreboard APIs implementation status. I believe it’s coming along if it’s not already finished. I also feel as though I’ve seen something like this in the Release category.

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The scoreboard API’s been finished for a while, and should be fully functional.



That wasn’t something I wanted but it looks functional plugin I might use it.


Thanks for your answer. So when do you think sponge will get to the point where all important APIs are implemented?

Ideally, just a few short months. I’m not a developer, though. :smile:

So by the time we are in 2016 we will start to see a lot of plugins just like at cb then. That’s nice.

You can contact me with detailed plugin requests :slight_smile:

Once I finish initial work on Graveyards I plan to release a suite of anit-automation/harvesting/grinding plugins including one to control exp. :grinning: