CraftIRC - An IRC-minecraft relay plugin [API 5.0.0]


Version 4.0.7 has been released!

Fixes a fun bug where the bot would disconnect if only the bot was speaking in the channel.


Version 4.0.8 has been released!

Supports SpongeAPI 4.0.0


Version 4.0.10 has been released!

SENDER_NAME is now usable in join/quit messages.
Fixed default provided config to actually process colors.


Version 4.1.0 has been released!

New feature - You can now perform the action regex replace. See example config (first post) for details.
IRC_PREFIX and IRC_PREFIXES for getting the IRC sender’s op/voice prefix(es).


what im doing wrong?

> bots:
>   - host:
>     name: JustAnotherSimpleBot
>     nick: ATM
>     debug-output:
>       exceptions: false
>       input: false
>       output: false
> endpoints:
>   - name: Chat
>     type: mc-chat
>   - name: Join
>     type: mc-join
>   - name: Quit
>     type: mc-quit
>   - name: IRC
>     type: irc
>     extra:
>       bot: JustAnotherSimpleBot
>       channel: "#xxxxxxxxx"
> links:
>   - source: Chat
>     target: IRC
>     filters:
>       - colorize
>       - type: antihighlight
>         splitter: " "
>         variable: SENDER_NAME
>       - type: datamapper
>         message: "<%SENDER_NAME%> %MESSAGE_TEXT%"
>       - nobutts
>   - source: IRC
>     target: Chat
>     filters:
>       - colorize
>       - type : regex
>         value: IRC_PREFIX
>         action: replace
>         pattern: "@"
>         replacement: "[BOSS]"
>       - type: datamapper
>         message: "[IRC] <%IRC_PREFIX%%SENDER_NAME%> %MESSAGE_TEXT%"
>   - source: Join
>     target: IRC
>   - source: Quit
>     target: IRC
> repeatable-filters:
>   nobutts:
>     type: regex
>     value: MESSAGE_TEXT
>     pattern: butts
>     action: drop
>   colorize:
>     type: color

the bot loads and everything but it doesnt join the channel


Does it actually connect like that? I’d be surprised, since the port should be defined separately. By default it’ll connect to port 6667, so you don’t need to define it.

Should it still not play nice, set the three debug-output lines to true.


Latest release should work with latest SpongeForge.


Version 4.1.4 released, only dropping the update checking until Ore is ready. No other changes.


Are you forced to use the EsperNet server or can you use any server you like?


You can use any network (that allows you to do so).


Cool plugin!

Im having 2 issues with it though.

  1. Colours dont see to be working and i cant find anything about advanced configuration to try and figure it out
  2. There doesnt seem to be any way to configure the plugin for authentication. The nicks for my servers are registered so that people can randomly hop on and use them during server restarts.

other than that, it works perfectly!


Could you remove passwords or other sensitive info from your config and then pastebin it?

As for authentication, I just did a poor job documenting:

  - host: localhost
    name: MyInternalBotName
    nick: CraftIRC
      user: usernameherelol
      pass: passwordherelol
      exceptions: false
      input: false
      output: false


I’m just using the default config.
I didn’t get much past setting the host, nick and channel because of the AUTH issues, which you’ve now solved!

Update: The AUTH options don’t quite work properly. The server I’m using ( expects “/msg NickServ IDENTIFY password” as the syntax to login because it gives you a 1 Minute grace period to issue that command with the nick you joined with before it automatically changes it.
Is there a way to get the plugin to use only the password, and make the username optional for people that need it?


Sorry for the delay; it’s been a busy week!

Version 4.1.5 should play nicely with colors. I suggest wiping your config and letting the new default fill in.

There’s a new option under auth, called nickless, which you’ll want to set to true:

  - host: localhost
    name: MyInternalBotName
    nick: CraftIRC
      user: usernameherelol
      pass: passwordherelol
      nickless: true


Does anyone know how to set this up to link between multiple minecraft servers


Well since this connects to an IRC channel and sends messages both ways, if you set up all the Minecraft servers to connect to the same IRC channel you will essentially have a cross-server chat link.


Hey, could you tell me how you got it to work in the settings.yml file? I just cant get it to work for me


What trouble are you having?


I already fixed it. I was assigning the wrong botname in the config file. Still thanks for the quick reply.


Hey, I might be missing something here but is there anyway I can set it so in game it will say “Blahblah has joined the WebChat” When a new member enters the channel?