Crash when starting server with new sponge


crash report

the old version i used 1.12.2-2838-7.2.3 would run the server but not pixelmon. now the updated version in pastebin will run pixelmon but not the server. appreciate any help.

You should update your Forge version to one that is not vulnerable to the log4j exploit.

awww sadly pixelmon is requiring forge 2860 and the only version on the forge website of that doesn’t work :sweat:

also the issue only occur once i add the new spongeforge. if i dont use it at all i can play with the server but cant use luckperms for commands. either the new version crashes the server or the older version crashes the launcher.

I am baffled by your reported experience; Forge 2860 works fine for most folks. Are you sure you are downloading the right file? You MUST run the installer, or manually update the dependencies yourself.

Broken logging may account for your problems, and SpongeForge has also been updated to match. If you don’t use a newer version of Forge, things may stay broken.