Crash while using Sponge

I have a problem with sponge , once i add it server is non stop crashing .
Any suggestions ? Here is my console log: [20:36:47] [main/INFO] [STDERR]: [net.minecraftforge.fml.relauncher.ServerLaunch -

This error is something I have not seen before. A quick Google search states that this error typically occurs when a mod/plugin tries to load files that have the same package (location within the mod/plugin) that another mod/plugin has.

So have you got two copies of sponge? one being a older version then the other?

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I checked that and still causes a same problem : class “org.spongepowered.asm.service.Service InitialisationException”'s signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package

Also something like this is showing up : Caused by: java.util.ServiceConfigurationError: org.spongepowered.asm.service.IMixinServic eBootstrap: Provider org.spongepowered.asm.service.modlauncher.MixinServiceModLauncherBootstrap could not be instantiated

Just seen that you cut off the top error in your error. Would you mind posting your whole error as sometimes the actual error is the top one or the second to top, etc with the other errors being a net effect of the actual error