Crash with JustEnoughIDs

Hello, Im having a bizzare issue with both my server and my client, which have had my stumpped all day. After going through documentation all day, i’ve given up and come for support. So I installed JustEnoughIds onto the server (Version JustEnoughIDs-1.0.3-48), but it wouldnt launch, after researching a bit I saw that all I needed to do was update, okay cool, I did that and the server launched fine, however after installing the same version on my client, the client would crash on start up for [this] ( reason. Thing that really stumps me is, I dont even have sponge on my client, and it’s throwing a sponge issue at me. I saw a fix on reddit for the client, which was to downgrade to version JustEnoughIDs-1.0.3-48, which is a version too old to work on the server. Please, any help would be good. Im honestly lost.

The issue that you are likely seeing relates to the Mixin system, which shows up under the sponge name, but is not necessarily part of the sponge plugin system.