Crashes (Possibly corrupt world)


I’ve been running one of my servers since Jan 15th. A couple days ago there was a power outage where my server is hosted and since then I have not been able to get it to work, it always crashes as it’s loading the world. I have a 2nd server which was not affected in this way (No idea why).

Crash report:

fml-server-latest.log: (Only the last part)

Sponge Version: 1.10.2-2221-5.2.0-BETA-2229
Forge Version: 2221
Modpack: Everlands 3 - Technic Platform

It’s very important that the map be recovered as this is a public server with 200+ players, and the last backup was several weeks ago when I last updated the modpack/server (Damn me for not adding Aroma1997 backup to both servers).

Any help is appreciated.

  • Alice

It looks like one of the level.dat files is corrupted.

Exception reading .worldDIM-1level.dat Not in GZIP format

You might need to delete that level.dat file if it’s irreparable.

What is contained in that file?

I looked it up and it seems it’s basicly everything. So the world is really corrupt?

Unless you have a backup of the level.dat, yes.

You can just delete world/DIM-1/level.dat, DONT DELETE world/level.dat
The level.dat for a specific dimension, in this case the nether only stores a few things which wont destroy your world and most of it will regenerate!