Create a custom inventory


I tried to create a custom inventory with this code:

Inventory2D inventory = Inventories.customInventoryBuilder().name(new FixedTranslation("d")).size(9).build();

but the FixedTranslation doesnt work.

What is my mistake?

The inventory API is not yet implemented so you will not be able to get it working just yet.

Ohh, i thought so.

Is there a time plan for the implementation?

@mumfrey has been working on it for a while now, there is no public branch of his work so I can’t see how close we are at the moment. I know he is often busy IRL but I hope to see something soonTM

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Chatter from SoS VI indicated that Mumfrey is very busy at present, so if he hasn’t the time to wrap up the Inventory implementation then Zidane and Blood will do it themselves. (Unless there are any other eager volunteers?)


i don’t know how can i create an api for that, but i want help you for that, if you explain me how can i create an api (with exemple already exist, i can help, not specially for inventory but for anithing…)

Fixed that for you.

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The InventoryAPI is already finished, it’s just not implemented. Have a look at the PR:

If you want to help out and feel your coding skills are good enough, then you can help getting the implementation of Data2.0 done: