Custom enchants for vanilla api 4.0+?

is there one? can anyone make one? for vanilla sponge, ik its possible because bukkit has done it before: I wouldn’t mind even if its just a few new nice enchantments at a time added, and yes i know there are old ones for old sponge api’s but i cannot find anything on how to update them, I am not a coder… so I cannot manually fix errors, i have tried trust me lol

I am very sure that this is for APIv4.
Edit: The prove

It’s a bit buggy, and although I do want to develop a custom enchants plugin, I would rather rewrite it, so that one won’t receive any updates.

the thing about enchantbox, i tried it…the file is not with it, and i fail at compiling or something, so yea unless u can compile it and upload for me or maybe tell me how to compile github sources? i wud be more than happy to learn, i have looked up videos trying to learn but i always run into an error or two
EDIT: i meant menu.jar or w/e? idk i cud always reproduce the error.

There are two downloads on the post…
You need the EnchantBox-0.0.2.jar and StarAPI-0.0.58.jar.

Again, I’d suggest looking for another alternative, as I won’t be updated EnchantBox to API 5.0, or adding any bug-fixes for API 4.x.

I’m still willing to provide support though.

Edit: Furthermore, the most recent StarAPI (with loads of bug fixes) is completley incompatible with the most recent version of EnchantBox. I linked the proper version of Star, but it’s fairly buggy.

I see… well thanks! i will try it later :slight_smile:

It now works, however it doesnt seem to enchant certain items, but i will mess around with the config more, anyways thanks!
EDIT: it works fine sometimes, the next it doesnt, i guess thats what you mean by buggy :stuck_out_tongue: