Customizing a world - plugin permanence?

I have a vision of making a small world that is a normal minecraft world, but with the sealevel dropped about 8 blocks lower or so, exposing much seafloor, making islands into pillar rocks, etc.
I understand that there would be a way to do this via the populators and terrain generator stuff, and there are examples in the docs that could probably be used when filling with water.

The question is, if I made such a plugin that would generate this world, and then I run the pre-generator method to create all of the world chunks… would I then be able to remove that plugin from my server, and the world be fine, or do I always require the listeners for populators and such to be present to properly react as players traverse the map?

It’s the same thing like creating your world with some tool like WorldPainter and loading it on a normal server, isn’t it? :smiley:
Meaning that: Yes, you can remove every generator modifications u used, after per-generating everything needed… ^^

To fully explain what @Blue said, a world is a world is a world. A worldgen’d diamond block pyramid is no different from a player-built one. Once a chunk is generated, it stays there.

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Excellent - thanks for the confirmation of that theory :slight_smile: No idea why no notifications on this post arrived before…