[dead proj] SquishSecurity - A Security Plugin for your server!

[REPO IS OUT-OF-DATE D: will work on asap]

Want a more secure server? Try SquishSecurity!
SquishSecurity is a part of the Squish series of plugins, made by me.
Current plugins:

  • SquishBasics [Spongy]
  • SquishSecurity [In Development :smiley: ]

/Squishsec or /Squishsecurity
/Squishsecurity <login/register/help/reset> [Optional String]

More info coming soon :slight_smile:


The name conflicts with Pore, a plugin that allows Bukkit plugins to run on a Sponge server.

@caseif @gratimax

You’re at school right now? Seriously?

Looking at this passwords are stored in plaintext? I see no actual “security” coming out from this. I suggest looking up some password safe keeping measures, or into 2FA apps such as Authy/GoogleAuthinticator. Hopefully TFA (my plugin) will be done soon so you can look at that as well.


Good old ROT-26 encryption. Nobody expects it.


Stored in plain text since the plugin isnt even 100% functional yet and I dont want it to break because I screwed up encryption.

Yeah. Its a naming thing I came up with and forgot about Pore. Will redo that :wink:

I still can’t figure out his msg using( what google tells me) is an auto translator, just turns into gibberish)

whats wrong with being bored at school and stalking the forums writing random posts like FAQ’s and other spongy things


hope you’ll be using google a lot; security’s always an easy thing to screw up.

Yeah. I might hook into Relay, not sure yet. Will come up with some sort of auth thing with google.

Is this related to soakedup? (@dotdash)

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oh my dear god

-limit save-

There is a handy feature for bypassing the char limit <some random gibberish here>

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No need to tag other people into the conversation - there’s no copyright on names here.

Now it reminds me of Soak - the package manager

Really - do names matter? Let him name his project whatever he wants to lol

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thx ferus :smiley: I’ll come up with something i’ll settle on eventually lol

The Ore plugin repository, when it eventually exists will have no such thing as name clashes. However, for your own sake I would suggest not taking Pore and Soak since those are more popular projects.

Ore-related tidbit: It seems to me that having a system where names are first-come-first-serve is an unnecessary inconvenience. Then you have to deal with pointless disagreements like this one instead of actually working on your plugin. I say, let “capitalism” run its course. If we have a good-enough search engine the plugin that is more popular will come first and people will look at that. If you want traffic to your plugin you will dodge that and change your name so that you aren’t the second search result.


No it is not.

This post is so under-informing…