DeathPenalty - A better keepInventory


On my list, but an update won’t come in the near future because I’m busy doing things.


Hi! Will you support 1.11.2?


Yes, do you have a better name for this plugin? I am no longer okay with that name…


No… Actually, I think this name is very clear and suitable…


@RandomByte I think the name is fine, as long as you change the tagline…

DeathPenalty isn’t so bad, but combining it with Prevent Suicide, makes it sound like it’s advocating death for suicidal people.


Ok, thanks.


Could you please add a permission that someone can ignore the punish.


I am struggling to find time for these kind of projects, I am busy with school(A-level exams).


Hello I think a great Plugin.
Works for API7-MC 1.12.2?

Death penalty?

Probably no, but you might want to give it a try.


Can you continue to update this plugin?


When I have time I will update it. I accept PRs.


Can I allow others to upgrade this plugin?




Will this work on my paperspigot server?

If I am a big noob just slap me, cause I am noob about these things :-o


Nope, this is for Sponge only. Sponge =/= Spigot. And no need to slap you, you asked nicely :wink: