Declaim plugin names

Let’s declaim all the plugin names from the Claimed Plugin-Names thread!

Nevermind. Bad idea. Mod is right. Hail mod.


It’s not official

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I know, I made this post to mock the claiming thread.

I’m no longer making PotatoCraft which wasn’t even on the claimed list. It won’t be ported to Sponge.

Last update: 23 December 2011
Version: So you think I know that?
License: All rights reserved. Plus I’ll sue you if you write it’s name down anywhere.


Well better get your lawyer, you need to make a case against your self.

As I’m theholder of the rights, I can do what I want. Also, I said I’d sue him xD

Looks like you did not read the topic.
It was meant to help prevent name duplicates. Oh well.


You have officially unclaimed it. No sue™©®.

I’ll see you in court!!!pjihsoeöahfö-ä#ka

I don’t think we should have threads whose specific purpose is to mock other threads and the people in them. Closing this. Thank you.