Developer and Project list

Are you a developer and if you are, what languages do you speak (e.g. program)? Which projects have you created?

I mainly develop websites in HTML, CSS, JS, and lately I played a bit with NodeJS. I also do some Java (Minecraft related stuff :smiley:). As my python skills are small, you can’t call me a developer of it :smile:. I’ve created a few Bukkit Plugins in Java #, a HTML desktop framework in Java (which is crossplatorm) # and another one in Python (which is linux only) #, a Blogging system based on GithubPages # and a SoundCloud downloader in Python #.

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C#, Java, Lua, etc.

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I primarily write in Java, and started learning it a few years ago with Bukkit. Since then, I’ve gotten a micro-cert in Java from my comm. college, although I’m constantly shown how much I don’t know and how much more depth the language has. Can’t say I’m a Java professional by any means. I’ve wanted to expand to learn C++ or C# as well, but I can’t get so far as having a functional IDE for it.

Secondarily, I do a lot of web design with HTML, PHP, SQL (via PHP), CSS, and JavaScript (although I almost always use jQuery and jQueryUI, so knowledge about raw JS may be a limited).

I don’t really have any public projects that are currently maintained. Some of my earliest projects from a couple of years ago was Blip, BukkitList, Bleeper (which was never actually released), and Population Density, which I took over for a short while before then passing it to jkcclemens. Fortunately, looks like @BigScary has resumed work on that. My projects now are generally private and used exclusively on my server. If I polish them up enough, I may release them yet. My current project is a GMod-like Murder plugin for Bukkit, if I can sort out some way to make colored trails…

spawwn particles in regular intervals on a line?

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I thought about that, but the issues arise when I want to color the particles XD

Firework particles are colored?

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Thought about that as well, but apparently trying to spawn in just firework particles with set colors isn’t as simple as that. Unless Bukkit added something to assist with that I’m not aware of yet. Just stumbled upon a lib for soundless firework particles, although I’m not sure I can control the spread or direction of the particles to not be really annoying. Just imagine trying to follow an exploding path of particles.

Sorry @GameplayJDK if we’re spamming your post with irrelevant stuff XP

hrmmm. You could spawn these particles you see when you fall onto a block with wool texture pheraps? Not sure about that one tho

Forgot I read about that somewhere. I believe the particle lib I’m using currently supports that, so that’ll probably be my best bet XD Think any sort of block crack or sprint particles may work since the only colors I’m interested in is the chat colors.

Although I guess they replaced one of the Blues with Brown when comparing chat colors to wool colors -.-

So you’re a jqueryan? I only use jquery when I create pages at work. My affinity towards raw JS may be raised through my experiments with JJS (Oracle Nashorn), which is a newer and faster JavaScript engine implemented in Java, it’s 8 times faster than Mozillas Rhino (which is 3 times faster than Googles V8 e.g. Nashorn is 24 times faster than V8). I Generally love JavaScript and I’d love to see it rising onto the Desktop level of development. :smiley:

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Pretty much. I end up googling a ton of stuff if I’m doing stuff in JS, although jQuery is really simple to pick up, so I’ve just used that. Surely saves some lines of code in many places.

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I hate the way JavaScript doesnt have real classes and isn’t in the slightest typesafe.

It doesn’t have classes, but you can uses functions for that.

That’s just how it was designed…

I know xD And I don’t particularly like it lel :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s alright for some things.

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What if you just send block change messages to connected clients for the blocks as players walk on them? You don’t have to actually update the world to get players to see the changes - that way you don’t have to undo the changes later. That’s what I do to visualize land claims in Grief Prevention.

Had thought about that as well, but would somewhat limit the arenas, I think, as then the floors would need to be full blocks to either replace or put a carpet on. Seems simpler and less intrusive to use particles, although presumably wouldn’t work for clients with particles disabled and may impact frames.

Despite that, I haven’t developed it enough for it to even be testable yet as I’m also working on a various function plugin at the same time. Ideally won’t forget what I was working on when I resume that one again if I get back to finishing it. Never really developed a mini game plugin before, so I imagine there’s going to be some hitches.

Freestanding blocks, then? There are two types of fences. They needn’t be attached to another block.

Not sure what ya mean by that O.o Seems like that’d obstruct the arena a bit as well.

Isn’t Murder the game where if you touch a line drawn by a player (even yours) you die? If yes, then it doesn’t matter if the play area is obstructed, since players die when they touch an obstruction anyway.

Or maybe I’ve got the wrong game. :slight_smile: If so apologies.

Ah, I see where you’re coming from now XD Murder is a game mode on Garry’s Mod. The basic idea is that one player in a game is a killer, whom has a concealed knife, and another player starts with a concealed gun. The idea is for the killer to kill everyone or the gun carrier to kill the killer. The concept of the trails is so that the Killer can track players, they don’t otherwise interact with it at all. The killer is a bit OP as they’re allowed to sprint and see player trails, but they also generally try to be sneaky so the shooter doesn’t find out who they are and kill them. Another aspect of the game is loot (otherwise known as clues), which anyone in the game can collect. After collecting 5 loot, innocent players can get a gun, or a spare one if they already have one (in case the original gun is lost, or just to make it harder for the killer)

Otherwise, your idea of a more Tron-like game sounds pretty interesting as well XP Kinda makes me wanna write something like Battleblock Theater’s Color the World game mode, but with the added challenge of dying or getting slowness effect if you hit another player’s color XD