[Discontinued] AdminShop [v1.8.2] - Server Shops


Aww :frowning: Alright den


Any news on the inventory desync issue? :slight_smile: Mumfrey hasn’t responded yet.


Nope, none that I know of


AdminShop Issue:
Can’t add items such as “Diorite, Andesite, or any Variant of block”
Mind allowing Item #ID’s to be used with your signs


There are no Item #ID’s


How would I allow variants to be sold like Diorite and Birch Logs?


Using F3 + H allows you to see the name ID of anything you hover over in your inventory, type the flavour text instead of the ID on the sign and then use /setitem modid:itemID and then right-click the sign


And you can do meta by

/setitem item meta


Not sure if this is a known bug or not. Or maybe I am just going crazy. But when ever I put in an [AdminShopSell] It is still buying an item and not selling it.


It’s buying an item from the user. The user is selling the item


So its still supposed to give them the item and not take give them money? I though [AdminShopSell] was supposed to take the item and give them money…


You are correct. [AdminShopSell] takes the item they right click with, and gives them the money.

What is happening for you? You typed in the ID correctly when you did /setitem right?


Sadly it does the same function as the [AdminShop] I was sure to triple check. I even had another admin on my server try to do it as well. Same turn out


I did a little testing of my own to figure out Vanilla blocks/items are selling correctly however Pixelmon items are being bought instead of sold with [AdminShopSell]. This is a bug, can you fix it when you have the time?



I will fix it today! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I looked over the code and did not find where it would be happening, so am going to test today.


First of all, let me just say that I love this plugin. I’m using it for my private Pixelmon server and it works so much better together with Total Economy than the standard Pixelmon store-system.

Here’s a suggestion for another feature that I think would be awesome.
I would love it if you could add a feature where you can sell multiple items with the same sign. As an example of how this could work; on my Pixelmon server, I’d be able to make it so that when you buy 10 Poké Balls, you get one Premier Ball as well, just like in the pokemon games.

Also, I’ve been having this weird issue where at one point after I restarted my server, half of the signs I had placed just disappeared, and after placing new signs there, my friend can’t use them (it’s as if they’re not there, no message in the chat when right-clicking or anything), but, I have no problem using them. Even after removing the plugin and the config files and then adding the plugin again, it still doesn’t seem to work for him.


Release v1.5

Tested on SpongeForge 1188


  • Update to API 4.0



Is there a way to fix the “bug” where you won’t receive the item when you buy it unless you either relog or hover over the slot that it is going to be put in?


None. Unless you want to go through SpongeCommon and fix it before Mumfrey. :wink:


Lol, I can’t code :laughing: