[Discontinued] AutoRank [v1.1.1] [API 4.0.3]


I can agree with this, but define “more complex ranking/reward patterns”. It sounds interesting but I have no idea what it means.

ed: Like rewarding items and such? I think that may be simple enough to keep in this single plugin, but that’s up to you.

What I mean is instead of it being based around just ranking a player up you could also give them an item or some money or all of these things. Also instead of just testing playtime you can test for player kills or amount of votes or all of these things. In addition you can give rewards for triggers such as killing a certain mob or going to a location. Also I build it in a way that other developers can add there own rewards, tests, and triggers.

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Sounds really cool! And yes, make it a different plugin then, haha.

Basically “custom achievements” then, eh? ^.^

Oh hey, Autorank. Guess it’s about time I made my Stats plugin Sponge compatible, right?

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Hey! It currently seems like permissions ex needs to be reloaded for the change to take place. Could you look into this?

I can look into this. What version of pex are you using?

The latest version (2.0)

New Release V1.1.1


  • Having to reload PEX in order from group changes to happen.

You could add a /ar alias?

Decided to give the plugin a go again. Something is definitely not right and should have been reported - I cannot put users in parent groups, even when it confirms that the promotion was successful. Could you look into this?

I have some players saying that the autorank nextrank keeps increasing/decreasing back and forth randomly.

Has this been abandoned?

Have you thought about adding a command to where they would only rank up once. like if they could click a command sign and rank up that way. thats what i mean by once instead of doing nextrank on the command sign

Maniac this plugin has been pretty much abandoned.

thanks for the info

Holy Shit. QUAK!!! WHat are the odds Lol.

How have you been?

If this has actually been abandoned, should be closed by the Sponge Mods.

This topic is getting a little stale.

Do you plan to continue work on this plugin @tacticalsk8er or should we lock it?

@Inscrutable you can lock it.