[DISCONTINUED] EssentialCmds [v8.1.14]

is there a permission for a safe login when you have /fly turned on?

also you don’t have a /give command on your list up the top of the page, members can do this command, what is the permission to turn this off?

Feature request: Possibility to change how the playername is displayed. For example a GRAY playername. Or a BOLD YELLOW one. We can already add prefixes/suffixes/change the < and > Why not the playername?

is there another forum that is used? looks like this one is dead and can’t get any help here

I believe all features from EssentialsCmds is slowly being moved into Nucleus, and only severe bugs are being patched. If I am correct no new features are being added to EssentialCmds as they are being put in Nucleus instead.

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Correct unless @HassanS6000 really feels like adding them

I suggest taking a look at Nucleus, it is the new EssentialCmds. Much more efficient, and can handle the all customization you’d ever want.

Hey, @HassanS6000 - can you please update to the latest API? Many thanks!

Greate plugin!!
umm… Can I make a language file for messages?

AFAIK I know the messages are hard-coded so it’s going to be a PITA to separate them out…

please update this, i tried nucleus last night and i hate it. essentials is WAY better

What you have is not working?

it works, it just lacks some functionality of essentials. and i prefer the commands structure of essentials

All functions of Essentials are being moved over to Nucleus

What is missing in the Nucleus?

can’t tp to a worlds spawn. just a set of co ords.

can’t force tp a player to me without using co ords.

little things that are different and feel unnecessarily more complicated. i just prefer the commands structure of essentials.

you can force tp a player to you. Simply use /tpnative theirname yourname

If you want you can go into sponge config and make /tp use the default minecraft function rather than nucleus.

that command is not listed in the help menu. no idea it existed

how about a tp command to tp to another worlds spawn instead of needing co ords


Does /world teleport <world> work?

so it doesn’t have a tp to tp to the spawn of another map. just co ords. thanks anyway. I’ll just switch back to essentials and hope it gets updated