[DISCONTINUED] EssentialCmds [v8.1.14]

Hi Hassan,

  1. I can’t switch between gamemodes. A problem with SEC or Sponge?

  2. Where and how do I set permissions in a world that was started in survival mode (kindly excuśe my ignorance :sob: )


PEX is the place to go

Looking into it now, as well as the kitten cannon, fixing smite, and fixing jump. Enjoy /hat!

In file ops.json

    "uuid": "********-*******-(UserUID)-*****-*************",
    "name": "****(UserName)*****",
    "level": 4

Or install a plugin PermissionEX for Sponge, but it requires fine adjustment!

/speed /speed lol need more speed captain at the moment im using forge esentials cos i use the /speed to creative build hope this gets added soon i hate mods and i really wana use 1.8 sponge cos 1.7.10 is getting too old n mouldy

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What version of ForgeEssentials are you running with Sponge? Does it work as it should?
Asking because there’s someone with issues running FE+Sponge:

Im having issues with /warp . The /warps and /setwarp work fine but the actual /warp command itself doesnt work. Is this because the permission is wrong or is this due to another plugins commands? Please fix as soon as possible!

What sort of error?

Added /getpos

The warp signs are not working although the commands are working. I should be able to click on the signs and warp?

SpongeEssentialsCmds 3.0

Update Forge to 1515.

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Retry with SpongeEssentialCmds v3.0c and the latest Sponge (You will need Java 8)

These commands are now fully implemented in v3.0d

@HassanS6000 Good Morning H, I’m afraid /fly doesn’t work with the last two releases of sponge


PS in fact nothing seems to work

Okay thanks for letting me know

/thor , /lightning only produce thunder and not the visible lightning strike.
Also, does /nick work? When I set it up should the nickname show up and not the user’s name?

Yeah, I know, all of these commands are not implemented yet, hence why they are under coming soon.

woops! I thought they were already implemented. :blush:

Uhh… that isn’t right, everything is working except /fly

We were really needing this plugin ported to sponge. Thank you so much and keep the good work :grinning:

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