[Discontinued/Not available anymore] BetterKits - NBT support, Kit preview, easy to use


I’ve been enjoying this plugin on my server but there is only one question I have. Players are not able to use /kits to display what kits they have access to and I can’t seem to find a permission node for it. If anyone could assist me that would be wonderful! Thanks!


Hey! Sorry the permission is “betterkits.list”.


How does this compare to the Nucleus kits module?


how to even download this? there is not even a download button ???


There’s a links section on the first post…


can support kit use command no item.


Hello. Are you asking for allowing a kit without items?

I think that is already allowed.


I neeed run kit with command no give item.


Use Nucleus as your Essentials plugin, it was extensive kit functionality.


Please make /kitgive so it gives it in his inventory. I need this for API 5


Hi, can I set up a kit for one use only?


This is not a thing I will do because you do not know if the player can receive the whole kit.

Although you can use /kitgive first, then you can use another plugin to force the /kit command to the player, I still do not recommend such thing.


Yes, you can.

The /kitgive command doesn’t actually give the items to the player, rather it gives access to a limited amount of the specified kit to the player.

You made the “onetime” kit. You can use /kitgive KaiNoMood onetime 1 it will give access to the /kit onetime command just one time. After the player uses the command, he won’t be able to use the /kit onetime command again until you use the /kitgive command again.


Yes, but if I wanted to assign a kit to a group, but can only be used once?


No, it’s once per player.


when ever I kitgive a kit to someone and they have it when they try to redeem it it says they cant do that. Is there a permission players need to redeem a kit they got.


The player will not need any permission to redeem a kit with the /kit command if an admin or console gives a kit to a player with the /kitgive command. Be sure to not delete or modify the kit chest content, and read all the information on the first post of this thread.


as admin when I give the kit to my self it lets me redeem it. But when giving it to a normal player and when they try to redeem it it says “they cant do that.”


Please send a screenshot of the exact message and a list of all commands that you run.


I keep getting this message whenever I try to redeem kits :confused: