[Discontinued] Player Shops v1.0.0 - Buy and sell items to and from other players


Actually, after updating to the latest SF, it has a new error.


Yes Please <3. If you can that’d be great!


The updatet version is only for latest 5.0 builds, not for the 6.0 builds, sorry. I may update it but not sure about that right now


Not really sure where you are getting the 5 or 6 build numbers. We are still on API 5 receiving those errors.


It says 1.10.2-2107-6.0.0-BETA-1856


so can you please make it work with my v?


Please update to API 6 :]





Is it possible to make these shops take a particular item as currency. I want to use gold nuggets, ingots, and blocks as the currency and i’m unsure how compatible of a system it would be with shop chests.


Can u add the possibilty to use virtual account from Economy Lite as owner of an shop?
It would be enough if u can change the owner through config file to e.g. the virtual account “kingdom”.

So the virtual account handles all the payments of the kingdom and also players get payed by it if sell items.


Would you mind choosing a OSS Licence then and adding it to the GitHub Reop.
Then I would feel more confident updating it.
Thx :slight_smile:


I’ve added the MIT license to my shop plugin repositories. Let me know if you need anything else!


Thanks :slight_smile:
Sorry, read you message, but forgot to reply.

As I needed a version for Sponge API 5.1 and neither the official nor other custom builds worked for me, so I updated it myself.

If anyone is facing the same problem, check the source code here or use this custom build.
It works for me, but I do not promise anything as I have not worked on Sponge plugins very much.


What should I do?


API 6 and API 5.1 - Inofficial Update

I’ve updated this to API 5.1 as well as API 6.
While updating I noticed a few severe issues, which I tried to fix as well:

Changelog (to the last official version):

  • Do not allow quantities or prices lower than zero 
  • Added a permission "playershops.create" for shop creation
  • Fixed bug that prevented stacks with size 64 to be sold
  • Fixed wrong text message being displayed when buying/selling
  • Fixed bug, which 1. gave money to players with insufficient funds and also 2. transfered money to the shop owner
  • Allows signs to be in front or on top of a chest (configurable)
  • Fixed money being transfered in the wrong direction, when selling items

Careful, this might me incompatible with worlds which used the API 5 version:

Sponge API 6 (Minecraft 1.11.2) :
Sponge API 5.1 (Minecraft 1.10.2):

Please report any bugs here.

@Nentify Feel free to merge my changes into you repo and release official builds. Alternatively you could link this post in the main post for now.


Did you try the new version?


It was OK.No any problem!
I hope it has Language file.Thanks a lot~


hello Nentify, Could you please add some permissions for create shop? 1.8.9 API4.2.0
i really love this pluging, Thanks!


Added a permission “playershops.create” for shop creation


You should add an option to crate adminshops, /adminshop would probably work best