[Discontinued] Polis [v2.7.0]


You can add usable pixelmon:pixelmon


I tried it by using /polis addzonemob SafeZone pixelmon:pixelmon all and then they dont spawn anymore so what command do I need to use then?


They are not mobs. They are usables.


I’m having some issues with the Gravestone mod and claims in Polis. With Gravestone, when a player dies, they leave a breakable gravestone with all their loot and gear… However if they die in a claim that is not their own, they don’t drop said gravestone, and all items go poof.

I’ve tried using “/polis addusable Gravestone.gravestone” but I keep getting back the message “Successfully added intractable Safezone Item.” Which is nice, but not exactly what I want :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a way to allow the Gravestone block to be placed in any zone/claim? If there is a way… Sorry for being dumb and missing it D:


I’d guess that the proper format is /polis addusable gravestone:gravestone - the : indicate that it’s from mod (gravestone) to ID (gravestone). The gravestone placing works fine in the wilderness yes? If so, then it would need some authorization from Polis, as it prevents block placing in general. The usable command is for allowing player interaction (as in a player flicking a lever, or pressing a button).


I’ve used /polis addusable gravestone:graveston earlier today, since I don’t know any other way to authorize blockplacing aside from /polis allowblock … And even then I think that’s a Faction by Faction basis and not server wide… Gravestones can be placed in the Wilderness and the like no issue. How would I go about adding the Gravestone to be authorized thoughout Polis then?


Hrm I’ll look over the plugin and see if I can add support


I don’t really like advertising my own plugins too much and I hope @HassanS6000 doesn’t mind but since you’re having troubles with Gravestone and I made a plugin a while back which is very similar(actually inspired by a similar mod). It’s called HISYS aka Hey I Stored Your Stuff (yes I’m terrible at names :stuck_out_tongue: ) and should work with all protection plugins, if not then tell me and I’ll get it fixed asap. I haven’t gotten to work on it in quite a few months but it should still work on api 5.1.0, if not, I plan on getting back to work on it in a few days anyways.


Add /polis kick the players offline and patch /polis unclaimall

Thank you


The issue has been reported and I am looking into it currently, thanks :slight_smile:


So Im not sure if I am the only one experiencing this issue, however the unclaim system doesn’t seem to be working properly. For example when someone claims a chunk, and they use the information section to tell them how many chunks that have available it will say [1/5] as expected. However when they use the /unclaim command and confirm that the chunk is indeed unclaimed and use the command again, it will still say [1/5]. This means that you can only claim up to your limit, ever. If you’ve claimed 5 chunks and then unclaim them, you can not claim any more chunks. Not sure if that made complete sense, but in any case just wanted to see if I was missing a config somewhere or something or if thats how its supposed to work.


That has been reported indeed. But it seems this project is no longer maintained sadly.


This project is indeed abandoned. You can try GriefPrevention - soon will have a town claim that will allow for more ‘towny’ like stuff. I myself tested not too long the latest beta release - so the new version should be out soon. For more detail, you can join the GP discord linked to the Github wiki.


Tell blood to update the dang rp converter. I’m not redoing all my claims :frowning:


Heyo Ras, it’s not abandoned but development has slowed down considerably. It will be picking up this summer though, updates should be coming out for many of my plugins.



I am glad to hear it then! I know some still use Polis.


Hi there.
There is a possibility to enable prefix and in the same time to have the prefix of nucleus / extraperm ?
Or simply make a suffix with polis ?
Thank for your help.


What is the point of having ally or enemy town ? Sorry but I didn’t see information about this.


Hey, are there plans to make the Plugin for 1.11.2?


Not super likely as I have been quite busy.

If I do however I’ll probably be re-writing a lot of this system because overall the code is a bit ugly :stuck_out_tongue: