[Discontinued] Server Shops v1.1.0 - Simple and lightweight server shops


I have finished creating the first version of my Player Shops plugin.

You can find it here: Player Shops v1.0.0 - Buy and sell items to and from other players



I don’t get what the currency is.


You need an economy plugin to use this plugin.


I have a sugestion, it would be handy if you could click on the sign to collect your bought items or to refill your sold items. Then there is no need for chests.


There are no chests for this plugin. This plugin is an admin shop-style plugin, like the old Bukkit buy/sell signs. Maybe you meant to post on my other thread. :smiley:

If you did - The chest is there as a limiting factor and Player Shops is my take on the old ChestShop plugin. You have to keep your shop stocked, and if you want to store more items, you need to upgrade your chests. It ties in with gameplay and I personally don’t like cramming everything into one block (in this case just having a sign and your stock “magically” stored somewhere). It also allows players to fill their shop chests automatically if they wanted to. It may even be possible for players to buy/sell to/from modded ender chests.

Essential knowledge for setting up a sponge server?

Thanks for the reply, I didn’t realize you had a player shops mod. And I only now realized that this isn’t meant for players but for infinite buys / sells. I will look at your player shops mod.
And I love that you respond on people’s post, and your very good documentation and very well organized code.


Is there anyway to setup a command to be sold? Such as a /home or /spawn command permission. So have a sign that says Buy - /home - $20000 or something along those lines. When they click it, if they have the funds to match, it withdraws those funds and performs the command giving them permission to use the command.

Anything like that do-able with this mod?


@ChuckTheViking That’s not possible with this plugin. Have you tried the CommandSigns plugin? Sounds more suited there.


Having some issues with the newest version of pixelmon and spongeforge with this mod, posted my crash log in the issue section of github.

All of the signs dissapear ( 768 to be exact ) and the server crashes afterwards.


Can you pastebin your crash log?


Here you go, thanks in advance


(Wouldn’t let me post the full link)


This plugin needs to be updated for @gabizou’s recent breaking changes to the Data API.


I would like to know if this plugin currently supports, or will allow a “server account” to be implemented. Basically, when someone buys or sells to the server shop, i want it to transfer money into and out of a “server” account, creating a limited economy


Will this be updated anytime soon? I have sponge 5.0.0-1770


Here is an updated version for API 5, tested with sponge 5.1.0-BETA-1814 (versions below should also work, but not all)



NuVotifier - Votifier with more robust code and vote forwarding Could you update that as well?


I dont think there is a reason to update it because it still works?


when i do the command
/buyshop command or /sellshop command i get this error and me and my dev have no idea why http://prnt.sc/dbq154


Did you find a solution for this? because i have the same problem .
Or did you find a replacement plugin?



Got the same issue as MrFinsGaming, any fix yet?