[Discontinued] Statistician

  1. By AFK time I do mean a statistic on how much time players spend on AFK, as there are a lot of servers that encounter players that are just camping and not truly playing - would help to give an idea of the ‘activity’ level of players, etc.
  2. Yes, I do mean how many times a command is executed.
  3. By time, I do mean so that server managers can check when are the peak times for a server - see because all these stats will vary on the time of the day (defaulting on the server’s timezone), as well as the day of the week. You’d see an increase of players from Thursday to Sunday, and a sudden drop right after. Personally, my server operates on the GMT and EST/CT timezones, so I expect that around 2PM (EST), I’ll see an increase. If your plugin could help monitor variations in player activity depending on the time of the day and of the week, it would certainly help a lot.

It’s on my todo list. :slight_smile:

/auth <password>
/msg <user> <message>

I will not store any arguments to any command if I implement this, because this could be a bad result with authentication plugins or messaging plugins (incl. others). But sure, adding it on my todo list Would be interesting to see how many times a user has used /msg for example. :slight_smile:

I see before me some kind of graph for online players.
All times is stored as UTC in the database, to then be converted to the presenting user at the right time.

A graph would be swell - I may be getting ahead of myself here, but a lot more can be stored in such a graph. For example, a curve for AFK time, for total player distance, player count, etc. Let me know whenever you need something tested, I am running a 1.10.2 latest sf server - and used to reporting bugs :smiley:

@Rasgnarok Great! It’s not really time for testing yet. I need to implement a lot more into the plugin first. Currently I’m fixing up the basics in the webportal so I have a base to work with there. And that base is pretty much finished now. Still a bunch of improvements to be made.

Next week I can start with making the plugin store more statistics! :smiley:

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Thank you so much for working on this!
I used to use and love this plugin: https://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/googleanalyticsplugin/

It did a similar thing as to what you are looking at doing but it integrated with Google Analytics to show it. This was useful to me as an owner as I could easily side by side compare website traffic, Facebook traffic and server traffic side by side to see what methods worked as well as when was the best times to have the larger events.

It’s nice to see you pulling this data. I’m highly hoping you will display this information in easy to read graphs and charts that can be downloaded and saved to pdf. It would also be awesome to see what record highs and lows are and allow me to interact with that data as well.

Keep up the hard work!!


Interesting thing there with Google analytics. I’ll look into that and maybe add that as an option. And as you probably know, Google analytics isn’t public, so it will have a lower priority than my web portal for the plugin.

And thanks for being interested!


Yea, totally understand.

I personally would rather have your backend be as robust as analytics as far as how the data is organized but… that’s high expectations… lol.

In any case, so far if looks great.

This is awesome, Since I use Xenforo, I do not have a fancy way of keeping track of stats as the enjin plugin did, This would be so good and handy to have, don’t give up!

Thanks for the interest!

I have been little at it lately, as (real life) work been tiring. And doesn’t want to over-do software development, as I work with that daily.

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If someone have the interest in helping out with the php backend for the webportal, that would be great! It will be a REST API that queries the database and caches some data for a short amount of time.

Hi there ! I didn’t notice that Prism had fewer events logged than before, this leads me to need an other way to track stats.

Do you plan to allow server owner to install script on there own host ? With a distant login to access datas. If so, I might help without over-doing too.

My goal is to implement successes that could be viewed and shared from the website, using stats.In addition of a web API, this could lead to a fantastic stats based system :smiley:

Edit : great design for the front page.

I’ve intended to have the web portal made in a way so it does not matter on what server it is located. It just needs to have access to the database.

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Great ! What do you need now to realease a first api ?

As mentioned earlier, I want help setting up the base for the php backend with rest api and caching. It seems I’ve lost some php experience and I doesn’t want to have the web portal running on its on port (have its own webserver).

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Wa have the same vision of the web portal :slight_smile:

Could you provide a dump ? I would like to have a look on how to manage things, caching should not be that difficult.

Also, which database driver are you going to use ?

Contact me and lets find a better way to talk further. I’m busy until Friday night.

I’m running MySQL.

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Same here, timing is perfect :slight_smile:

MySQL is perfect too for php.

Thanks @Keuterio for offering help on the php stuff! Now this project may hopefully speed up! :smiley:

Unfortunately, I have chosen to discontinue this project.

The reason for this is that I more or less has not felt any inspiration or encouragement to continue work on this project for the last half year.

My goal with this project was mainly to learn the SpongeAPI and I’ve learned the basics. I also doesn’t play Minecraft myself anymore, so I do not feel any needs for having this plugin too.

Sorry everyone who was interested in having this plugin.

Developers, feel free to fork the project on GitHub and continue the work if interested. Just make sure to mention the contributors somewhere. :slight_smile:


This is a sad news !

For those loving stats and achievements, my advice would be to look at Badge’up :

I hope someone will fork Statistician :slight_smile: