Distechnica Modpack

Hello Community,
I’m working on a modpack called Distechnica, which stands for

  • Discovery
  • Technic
  • Magic

…which the pack is going to be based around.

Now, I’d like to have your thoughts and suggestions :slight_smile:
The mod list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IfMBI-Kp73z_N5CXEBMXRTnwIG6prjJpzruhFy9Fi1s/edit?usp=sharing

Hmm, what kind of modpack is this for? Like Fighters, Fun, etc.

It’s for everyone.

Can you just give us at bit more detail on the modpack. I know it isn’t even near to finish but only including what mods are inthere doesn’t give us the feeling to download it. (I.E. version, screenshots etc.) Maybe even make a launcher! Also please place this in Off-Topic.

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I was only asking for suggestions :slight_smile:

It’s about adventuring in different dimensions, such as Mystcraft Ages, Twilight Forest and the Erebus;
Also, it allows for a lot of wizardry by containing mods like Thaumcraft, Witchery and Ars Magica.
And last, but not least, there’s also an industrial aspect added by mods like: Thermal Expansion, Applied Energistics and Open Computers.

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And no, it is not off-topic, as it’s about Minecraft/Forge.

=> Project: Red to “Industry” or “Utility”
=> Truss Mod to “Industry” or “Utility”
Truss Mod is an implementation of the Redpower-Frames:
=> Chisel to “Building”

Moved to Off Topic. As this is discussion for another platform, but entirely welcome here, it goes in that category.

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I thought I wasn’t off topic because of the categories description:

But well, you know the rules a bit better, I guess :wink:

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Project Exchange and Ex Nihilo optional mods if you use the ATLauncher.

Maybe that’s right. I dunno. I just didn’t want people to start flagging it like crazy haha.

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Currently using Technic, but as always, everything’s subject to change. :slight_smile:

Have you used the ATLauncher, they have a wonderful system for pack creators :slight_smile: More setup than both FTB and Technic but overall more control and features.

The first version of the pack is out - and online on my server, for testing - if you want to try it, you can PM me for the link and IP.

@malgm I might try ATLauncher later. :slight_smile: