Doctor Who

Anyone watch Doctor Who here?
Who’s your favorite Doctor?
Isn’t Series 8 awesome?

[tl;dr: talk about DW here]

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So far I have been binge watching all the episodes in the reboot series. I’m currently on Season 7 episode 10.

My favorite doctor of the 3 I have seen is the 10th doctor. The 10th doctor is also very energetic and has a wide range of companions that travel with him. I feel like the 11th doctor sort of gets out of hand in the whole “leave no trace” as in some cases he makes a lot of noise, though he is a very curious doctor. The 9th doctor didn’t really get a fair amount of air time, as he was replaced with the 10th doctor after 13 episodes.

My favorite is Tom Baker. I also like Capaldi.

My favorite doctor is The Doctor. No but seriously I think David Tennant was my favorite.
And favorite character was Karen Gillan

Matt Smith (The Raggedy Man) hands down.

Have you seen the trailer for next week’s episode yet?
You need to.

Most shocking finalie ever :open_mouth:

I just watched Saturday’s episode. Will be good.

serie 8 isnt awesome. Capaldi is great doctor, but episodes are very poorly writeln. We got 10 episodes but only one was good (04-Listen).

Let me guess- fan of Matt Smith’s poorly written series 7 and its happy endings?

In all honesty Peter Capaldi is my favorite so far, I started with Smith then went to Ten(Ironic huh?) and are really liking Capaldi. Besides, How Could I Not Post here?!?!?!?!?

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I don’t specifically like Capaldi because he’s mean. Calling people names and keeps saying PE teacher (or PI teacher? whichever)


Precisely the reason I like him. :stuck_out_tongue:

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didn’t they kill of both main companions of matt?

They got sent by the Weeping Angles into the past, where they lived a long and happy life together.

I call that killing them :’(

What did you guys think of “missy”

Favorite Doctor: Doctor 10 (David Tennant)
Reason: I liked his rationalism and overall more calm and “human” nature

Favorite Compion: Amy Pond
Reason: “Valid arguement for the liking of Amy Pond, (other than red hair and non-british accent)”

You probably don’t like Capaldi then. He’s intentionally less human.