Does a Plugin exist? Pt2

Originally i had an Idea to base unlocking certain mods as part of a rank system. After confirmation this technically would break the EULA I had an idea.

I’m currently making a survival server, based on colonies, pvp, grieving. along with away of securing items aswell.

But is there away to have a plugin that attaches to the XP, and allows as you level to unlock mods? Im not worried about grieving and other lower level players steeling their items. As this is part of the experience of it all. Just looking for something that would unlock mods as you progressed.

Sounds reasonable enough I guess. I don’t know of a plugin that does something like that at the moment, and it would probably need some tinkering to get right, but it should be possible.

possible for anyone to create…

Price discussion isn’t allowed on the forums.

my apologies just cleaned it up