Does Sponge require modded client?

I see that Sponge is built on top of Forge, using other APIs as guide. My question is, at release, does Sponge require players to use a specific modded client to play on Sponge powered servers?

I think this may be interesting :smiley: .

As per the new Forge 1.8 we will not require modded clients as long as no mods are installed on the server that require a client side mod. So no. Please take the time to read through the FAQ and other available information :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the answer. I did a search before asking the question, and I don’t appreciate the community coming off as unwelcoming to people who wants to ask question when they’re swamped with information, even if it’s listed on the faq. But hey, that’s my 2 cents, if that’s what make u feel more important @thomas15v

I’m sure nobody is trying to be harsh or unfriendly. It’s just that there is an awful lot of such questions being asked. It’s always good to see new faces.

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@minecraftly Sorry that you feel some persons are making the community feel unwelcoming. But at the same time, please respect fellow members! that last remark was not needed! :frowning:

But some food for thought: If you ever have a question, please feel free to refer to the FAQ or any specific part of the SpongeDocs that may relate to your question. Also feel free to search the forums for similar topics. (The forums should also suggest some topics to you while you are creating a topic)

If you can’t find something in the documents mentioned above or on the forums, feel free to ask away! We like to help others as much as we can, just as long as they help themselves a little.


Totally wasn’t mend to be rude lol. I was just a bit upset I got the same email again, thats all … .