Does vanilla 1.8 perform well?

I run a very small server using spigot 1.7.10. It never has more than 15 concurrent users and it’s usually about 4 or 5.

I started using spigot for two reasons. One was that in the beginning we were all using cracked cilents so we needed an auth plugin, and the most important one was that vanilla minecraft had very crappy performance compared to spigot.

Nowadays most of us have bought the game and what we play is mostly vanilla minecraft. So I would like to switch to online-mode vanilla 1.8 and I’ve heard it performs better than the older versions. Is that true? Will it lag with 8-10 players?

Well from what I saw, it is better for local lag since your client doesn’t calculate caves but I don’t know if there’s server-side improvements.

I’ve received about a 15-20 fps boost, at around 120fps, without using mods like Optifine. So Client-Side is a lot better when it comes to managing performance.

I haven’t really tested the server performance much, but I’m sure it came with a few more efficient uses.

From what I’ve seen so far on /r/admincraft is that some 1.8 servers have performance problems. 1 thing that has been pointed out was that the new mob logic regarding creepers was causing lag, but that that wasn’t the only thing causing problems.

Do note that there are also plenty of 1.8 servers that seemingly work fine, so those might have been isolated problems.

Basically 1.8 server seems to have some issues server-side but on the client side it performs much better.

(If you really wanted you could patch Spigot to support 1.8 clients, for the client-side performance improvement.)

I AM using the latest Spigot, but server-side it’s actually 1.7.10. I want 1.8 features and since I don’t rely too much on plugins I was wondering if vanilla minecraft_server.jar is performing better than it used to. I’m not talking about client-side performance.

You can allwas use carbon it add 1.8 features to the spigot patches. It’s just a plugin you can download it from here if you wood like

Nice, sounds like a pretty good, if pretty hacky way of providing better compatibility with 1.8. I’d advise making backups regularly though if your server’s important!

That’s what I’m using right now, but the plugin page says that there are a lot of features that don’t work so I was considering just using vanilla 1.8 for the server.
However, I’ve just found this and it seems performance is worse than with 1.7.10

Considering the date on the posts, I’m guessing this is about BETA 1.8 :wink: Notice they don’t mention 1.7.10, just 1.7.3
And they talk about experience orbs

Lol sorry. I can’t find any updated info on performance, though ._.

I would say to stick with 1.7.10 for now because right now there are issues with performance on servers [mainly with chunk corruption and spawn chunks] with 1.8 but Mojang is working on a release for 1.8.1 that will HOPEFULLY fix all those issues. So your best bet is to stay with 1.7.10 for now.

If you wood like you can add me on skype: RSE_REVENGE and i’ll help you update to spigot 1.8 using the carbon and spigot builds