Easy Scoreboards [v2.5.1]


Getting really bad timings:

Using Sponge 1.10.2-2477-5.2.0-BETA-2731
EasyScoreboards v2.3


If you use the latest version on a server connected to a bungee, it will kick a player after they die and try to respawn.


May I introduce this plugin to Chinese players?
This plugin so great :grinning:


Update to version 2.4

So … long time no see, but here, finally, is the next version update.

After a lot of issues I was finally able to reproduce your errors with BungeeCord and it is now fixed. At least kind of. It is more of a way to trick the error by BungeeCord, but it works.
Also for all the people who reported that the playername was wrong. This is now fixed as well.

The new version can be downloaded here.

Thanks for all the input (and the crash logs).


Sure go ahead. I’m happy if more people use it.


Perhaps you will be interested to look at this.


Update to version 2.5 with tab bar features

This release adds features for the tab bar:

  • Remove all the player names
  • Set a header
  • Set a footer


Btw. this plugin is now also on Sponge 7.0.0

Get the new release here.


Does anyone have the following problem? https://github.com/byYottaFLOPS/EasyScoreboards/issues/34


I’m trying to uninstall the plugin because I no longer want to use it but after removing the jar and config file the scoreboard still appears on the side of the screen. I can’t seem to figure out how to make it go away even after multiple restarts…is there a file for the GUI somewhere or something?


Sponge itself keeps track of the scoreboard. There is the file world/data/scoreboard.dat in your server folder.
As you probably don’t have any other scoreboards you can just delete this file. Once you create a new scoreboard the file is automatically newly created by Sponge.

In case you have somehow manually created scoreboards that you have to keep, you can leave ESB in the mods folder and in the config set showForAll to false.


You failed to add defaults so people actually know how to edit this plugin to get working… the original
number = “1, text = Online : %server_online% / %server_max_players%”
doesn’t work. it throws an error because of the “=” so whats the example


"number=1, text = Online : %server_online% / %server_max_players%”


I am having a problem where everyones scoreboard is the same as the last player to log on. Any ideas what could be wrong?


i had same issue downgraded to version EasyScoreboards 2.4.1 and issue is fixed


Cheers mate, works perfect now. :slight_smile:


Why is the player’s ID displayed incorrectly?


How to make 2 commands,

I use : /esb countdown set <Seconds> <Command>

Exemple : /esb countdown set 15 “esb hideall”,“say test”

This don’t work



Hi @YottaFLOPS

I tested ur plugin but I have two bugs, and I’m running the latest Sponge Forge version and the latest version of your plugin :

  • I have a yellow zero near the nickname in tab, and impossible to turn it off ;

  • With %PLAYERBALANCE%, the money appears yes, but it’s the balance of a random player on the server, not of myself…

*Edit: also, the scoreboard appears and disappers every 0,1s, like a flash u know… and I don’t know why

Please, can u fix it asap ?


**Edit: With the 2.4.1 version, all problems solved !

But, I think u have to resolve the issues mentionned previously, for the others players


I also have it. Through this the plugin is useless.