Easy Scoreboards [v2.5.1]

Thank you for update plugins.

Can YottaFLOPS add other of player status ?
Example : Summary exp, Food, Heart, etc…

EXP : 100, Food 10 (Full 20), Heart 10 (Full 20)

New in Version 1.7.0

Added Minecraft Time (MTIME) and Server Time (STIME) placeholders
Added new color and styles strings

@11115 I will most likely add your suggestions in the next version

The plugin seems to be kicking players after they die, it happens 100% of the time.

Versions I have tried: 1.6.0 and 1.6.1

Sponge Version: spongeforge-1.10.2-2171-5.1.0-BETA-1976.jar

I am also using Pixelmon Version: 5.0.0 BETA 12 (1.10.2)

It seems to happen regardless of what I have on the scoreboard, I have tried re-installing it with nothing on the scoreboard and that does not solve it. Any help would be appreciated.


Strange cuz I’m not having any issues with this. Your issue might be the spongeforge version.

Hmm, are you running Sponge 5.0 or 6.0?

I added PlaceholderAPI support with this Pull Request

Also, instead of making your own reload command, the correct practice is to listen for the event GameReloadEvent and put your reload code there.

I would like to see the Placeholder Support added and then all Placeholders can be managed/added through the Placeholder plugin

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New version 1.7.2

Fixed an issue with the TPS going over 20.0 when reloading the config
Text and placeholders are now separated with %

###Migrating from any older version
All placeholders now begin and end with %
Just change that in the config file

error in spongeforge-1.10.2-2171-5.1.0-BETA-2010.
Could not pass ClientConnectionEvent$Join$Impl

Full error code : http://pastebin.com/KTS1X2Rk

Thank you for reporting this error.

Could you please tell me what your config file says what should be displayed as the title of the scoreboard (line 0).

My config but 1.7.0 no error.

scoreboard {
    countdown {
        command="say The countdown is over"
    line {
        "0"="&b&lDoraechinmon ;&d&lServer"
        "1"="&aHello! ;&a&lPLAYERNAME"
        "3"="&aMoney :  ;&a&lPLAYERBALANCE"
        "5"="&d&nTime in game"
        "6"="   &aIn minecraft :  ;&a&lMTIME"
        "7"="   &aIn server :  ;&a&lSTIME"
        "9"="&d&nServer status"
        "10"="   &aPlayer online :  ;&a&lONLINECOUNT"
        "11"="   &aPing :  ;&a&lTPS"
        "12"=" "
        "13"=" "
        "14"=" "
        "15"=" "

Hello, I have a problem

I use : /esb set 0 "BOLDGREENHello PLAYERNAME"

In the newest version placeholders, colors and styles and styles are surrounded by the percentage sign (%).
The command should work if you use:
/esb set 0 "%BOLD%%GREEN%Hello %PLAYERNAME%"

Sorry, I forgot to change the standard config for the newest version. I’ll fix that.

I don’t know why the eleventh line ins’t detected as to long, but for me everything works, if I surround the placeholders, colors and strings with the percentage sign, as requested by the newer version.
I’ll try to find and fix the error nonetheless.

Not sure if its possible but can you add Pixelmon features to this? Such a Pokemon Caught/Pokemon Seen or Shiny Counter.
Normal Feature Request:
Ranks (Lucky Perms)

Also, My Tablist scoreboard all ranked players colored names dont work while this plugin is installed. What steps do I need to take to fix this?

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I don’t think that is possible, the pixelmon part

The Pokemon Caught & Pokemon Seen counters are possible to implement from pixelmon’s api, but I dont think the shiny counter is possible (only if the amount of shinies gets stored some place).

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I think that should be PlaceHolderAPIs job to give these placeholders

Is it possible to check if a player is online? Like
Online Staff:

If this is open source I could give it a try? I’d like to learn some things in the process.

Edit: It IS!

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