Easy Scoreboards [v2.5.1]

can you add support for multiple colors per line?

New in version 1.4

Use multiple colors and styles per line by separating the text parts with semicolons (";") (As requested by @Khaoz)

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would it be possible to add some sort of alignment feature where you could align stuff at at end with ease rather then spacing out? Each line always seems to be a bit off when doing it with spacing.

could u pls implement the Teamfunction from the vanilla Scoreboard?
Because the Vanilla Scoreboard does not work whether urs is active :smiley:

Sadly neither Sponge or the Minecraft scoreboard itself have any kind of align options.
Therefor the only thing the plugin could do is setting spaces, but this would end the same as yours.

So I sadly can’t fix this.

I’ll think about it, but as the standard scoreboard has a lot of functions this could take a while.

ok :slight_smile:
thanks in advance :smiley:

add a shortcut? /esb

Anyway, some of our players didn’t like that we added this plugin, which would make sense since it displayed info they already know of (for old players) but is very helpful for new players. I suggest adding /easyscoreboard hide and /easyscoreboard show which they can execute by themselves if they have the perm to hide or show the scoreboard.

how about a placeholder for griefprevention claim blocks?

New in version 1.5

  1. Added shortcut /esb
  2. Players can now hide and show the scoreboard for themselves using /esb show and /esb hide
    (They need the permissions for easyscoreboard.show and easyscoreboard.hide)

Thanks to @SnowBlitzz for the request

About other requests

@mirisbowring what exactly do you want to see then in the scoreboard, because the standard scoreboard functions do work, except from displaying scores.

@Khaoz what could such a placeholder show the player and do you now a way how I can get the data form the grief prevention plugin?

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In the “standart” scoreboard i can make player xyz join Team a, and so on…
I also can give the Teams Colors (the team members will get the Colors in their names)…
But the Colors are not shown…

By the way, i made some command Blocks:
1 create the team
2 add me to the team
3 tp all players of the team to x y z

in vanilla it works perfectly. but now it does not work anymore :confused:

Thanks! And oh maybe you can fetch some griefprevention data here GitHub - MinecraftPortCentral/GriefPrevention: GriefDefender has replaced GP. See github link for latest information.

the permissions doesn’t seem to be working btw easyscoreboard.hide and easyscoreboard.show

Thanks for reporting.

I assume that you mean, that they can’t run the command, because they don’t have the permissions.

They probably do also need the permission easyscoreboard.use because show and hide are subcommands.
If this does not work, please inform me. In this case I will review my code

Oh didn’t know it was a sub command. does easyscoreboard.use allow them to change the scoreboard and stuff too?

No, to do this they would need the permissions easyscoreboard.set etc.

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gave the default rank easyscoreboard.use, easyscoreboard.hide, and easyscoreboard.show, they’re not able to use /esb hide and /esb show o.O @YottaFLOPS

New in version 1.5.1

Fixed the permission system

(@SnowBlitzz It should work now, just get the newest release from Github)

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Is it possible to have the scoreboard show during a special event then autohide after the event ended and then reshow upon the event restarting?

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Just wanted to start off with a thank you for creating this plugin :slight_smile: It’s been great so far

A little suggestion, I don’t know if this is actually possible (I’m pretty new to scoreboards), but would it be possible to show a objective created via the vanilla scoreboard to show up on this scoreboard? (In the same way balance displays the balance of the player, have it show the count of that scoreboard objective for the player for example)