Easy Scoreboards [v2.5.1]


My config but 1.7.0 no error.

scoreboard {
    countdown {
        command="say The countdown is over"
    line {
        "0"="&b&lDoraechinmon ;&d&lServer"
        "1"="&aHello! ;&a&lPLAYERNAME"
        "3"="&aMoney :  ;&a&lPLAYERBALANCE"
        "5"="&d&nTime in game"
        "6"="   &aIn minecraft :  ;&a&lMTIME"
        "7"="   &aIn server :  ;&a&lSTIME"
        "9"="&d&nServer status"
        "10"="   &aPlayer online :  ;&a&lONLINECOUNT"
        "11"="   &aPing :  ;&a&lTPS"
        "12"=" "
        "13"=" "
        "14"=" "
        "15"=" "


Hello, I have a problem

I use : /esb set 0 "BOLDGREENHello PLAYERNAME"


In the newest version placeholders, colors and styles and styles are surrounded by the percentage sign (%).
The command should work if you use:
/esb set 0 "%BOLD%%GREEN%Hello %PLAYERNAME%"

Sorry, I forgot to change the standard config for the newest version. I'll fix that.


I don't know why the eleventh line ins't detected as to long, but for me everything works, if I surround the placeholders, colors and strings with the percentage sign, as requested by the newer version.
I'll try to find and fix the error nonetheless.


Not sure if its possible but can you add Pixelmon features to this? Such a Pokemon Caught/Pokemon Seen or Shiny Counter.
Normal Feature Request:
Ranks (Lucky Perms)

Also, My Tablist scoreboard all ranked players colored names dont work while this plugin is installed. What steps do I need to take to fix this?


I don't think that is possible, the pixelmon part


The Pokemon Caught & Pokemon Seen counters are possible to implement from pixelmon's api, but I dont think the shiny counter is possible (only if the amount of shinies gets stored some place).


I think that should be PlaceHolderAPIs job to give these placeholders


Is it possible to check if a player is online? Like
Online Staff:


If this is open source I could give it a try? I'd like to learn some things in the process.

Edit: It IS!


12345 edited for reasons


Doesn't count the pokemons...


It counts the pokemons you caught. It's just something i randomly added so nothing too fancy or perfect. The results refresh when you relog.


Ok. It is necessary to relog and it works. Good work !
It'll be good to add more Pixelmon features like badges (with FeebasUnleashed), etc.


I don't know if this is the problem, but it probably will be one on some servers.
The plugin is checking if the the string PLAYER is contained in the scoreboard. From that the plugin knows wether it can buffer the scoreboard or has to create a new one for every single player.
As your placeholder doesn't contain that string it won't be detected and everyone will see the count of the first player, as long as no other placeholder with PLAYER in it is used.
Therefor you should either change the name of the placeholder to something like PLAYERDEXCOUNT or just check for your string to the checkIfBufferable method.

Besides that I will add the placeholder api by rojo8399 when there is a proper release. After that it will be much easier to add new placeholders.


lol, I see. I just randomly gave it a try and it worked like a charm (well, not really but it works). I'm still a beginner at all these and would be interested to learn from you. :slight_smile:


Any news on why the Tablist doesnt show colored names while using this plugin?


What plugin are you using to show colored names on tab list? @Karagra_Gaming


Vanilla scoreboard teams. Is there an alternative way?


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