Echo - [Inexpensive, Quick, Experienced]


Hello and welcome to my developer thread! I have been a java developer for the past 4 years and have been a sponge developer for a year. I like to teach as well as work so I have uploaded numerous tutorials on Sponge and Java in general to my youtube channel. This helps me teach others while enforcing the best practices onto myself. When you choose to work with me you can expect expedient plugin delivery, pricing options, free updates, and readable code.

Public Experience

Most of my public works are centered around Pixelmon as I am very much involved with that community. However I enjoy general Sponge plugins as well as Sponge + Forge plugins.

Previous Commissions


Plugin pricing depends largely on how complex the plugin is and how long it will take me to do it. Generally, many of my smaller plugins can be made for under $50 and the larger plugins that can take upwards of a week weeks comes in anywhere from $150 - $400. All of this can be negotiated and price can change dependent on if the plugin should go public, if it needs to be rushed, etc.

I generally do 50% upfront and 50% when the plugin is completely done and bug free. In the past, I have created plugins and received the full payment upon completion but this is not preferred and will often cost extra due to personal concern that you may drop the payment/project.


I work with both private and public plugins. Public plugin requests can be free (if I have the time) but will often cost a bit if needed quickly. Private plugins belong to the client and I hold no ownership over the plugin. I can use the code for future uses such as reusing an algorithm but the plugin itself will not be redistributed by me. You as the customer can do whatever you’d like with the plugin as long as you do not claim to have created it. My plugins can be supplied with the source code if requested through github (or other code hosting services) or simply via a zip file.


I can be reached on my discord at Echo#0729. You can also PM me on the sponge forums but you will get the quickest response via discord.

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Definitely recommend. He is precise, quick and his work is bug free while remaining affordable. If you are in need of a dev for any of your plugins, Echo is the best around.

Very professional
got the work done extremely fast and was well done
Would recommend to anyone that needs a plugin well made and in a timely fashion !

Echo is a skilled developer who delivers on all his tasks with 100% satisfactory results given to the client. Is very well versed in his field and would recommend to any of those who need plugins done for themselves.

Hello, Good evening, We urgently need a TOTEM plugin for the EagleFaction plugin under sponge 1.12.2. We are ready to put 75 euros via paypal, or bank transfer as you wish. Thank you for contacting me on Discord on Skundeste#7359 or by email on