Econ server


So i am trying to make a modded server (don’t know what modpack yet), but i want a twist, i’m trying to add some economy to it. Problem is, i’m kinda new to this stuff and have no idea what kind of plugins i should use. So i’m hoping someone could help me with some plugins.

Information about the server:

  • Just friends (if someone wants to join feel free to pm me (not promoting the server))
  • Economy:
    is there a plugin that makes it posible to like pay someone each day (like in selling power and get payed everyday for it)
    Selling items
  • anti grief/ anti xray plugin (i know i said just friends, but i know some of them that would grief/xray)
  • if you have other idea’s feel free to say them

Thanks for reading and helping


So there are a few economy plugins out there that use money in different ways such as pieconomy (from the top of my head) places a item as a currency. However there are more traditional eco plugins (check out Ore)

Selling items every day, that can be done using the Nucleus command “/sell” (however they are removing the command from what I remember) so you may want to find a alternative.

As for anti xray … There are a couple to choose from, again check out Ore


i did check the ore already, and found some plugins that could be good, but still asking if people got some idea’s i could use


Not knowing your exact plans I’d recommend the following for economy/salary plugins.

For grief prevention I like RedProtect.

I haven’t tried out any anti x-ray plugins yet, but I am curious about the Mirage plugin. If you end up trying it out please let me know if it works out well for you.

If you’re looking for a player shop plugin, both CarrotShop and AmberShop seem like good options. I’m planning on testing out CarrotShop here shortly.