[Economy] Total Economy v1.7.1


Will there be any updates to use other chests, like iron chests or such for chest shop?


Has there been an update to add admin shops or is there one in the works? The shops system currently in place is nice but it’s hard to use for server shops since you need either a secondary “banker” minecraft account, or the admin that adds the shops has to keep track of buys and remove money from their own balance.


Admin shops have not been added yet. They are planned though.


Hi Erigitic. Really like your plugin. Have been using it on multiple sponge servers now.
Im working on a new project that would combine spigot and sponge servers.
I know you had total economy for bukkit.
Is that plugin still working?
I want to make it so balances are synced between all servers and for that I need a plugin that works on both spigot and sponge so it would use the same database.
Is there any chance I could make this work.
Thanks for help.


I have no plans currently to make a Spigot version of Total Economy. Regarding Bukkit, I honestly don’t know the state of it, so I couldn’t tell you if the Bukkit version of Total Economy still works.


Ok, I guess i will have to keep economies separate between moded and not.
It would have been nice though if your plugin supported all kinds of platforms like LuckPerms does.
Than it would have been the only one that does that and thats kinda awesome.
Oh well, thanks for help anyway.


Hi !

How can I configure the plugin for up the reward with levels ? I mean, when u level up (5,6,7,8) ur reward increase too, for force players to farm.



How can I change the configuration files to increase the rewards at each rank up? To force players to farm


In our continuing effort to phase out the Plugin Releases category, this thread is being locked because the plugin is already listed on Ore.

Check it out: https://ore.spongepowered.org/Erigitic/Total-Economy