ElytraTrails - Wearing Elytra and fly with Particles!

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Elytra Trails you can wear Elytra and Fly with Particle with a nice simple selectable gui

Command to open gui: /elytratrails

a Short way of doing this command is /et

You can find the Permission node here


here a nice GIF on how it work!



Great idea !

Any backporting planned ? And admin commands like /et set <player> <particule> ?

Edit : Compressed version of your gif, if you want.


Set as in mean just give them temporary ? Also i cannot backport it due to spongeAPI Elytra being only in latest sponge api only, Sponge team does not support 1.10/1.11 sorry, Also thanks for imgur

I was just thinking about a simple give but temporary might be requested too.

I didn’t know about elytra part of API, that’s not a problem, thanks.

And you are welcome, I can remove it from my post now.

Alright Coming up in the new update I’ll add an command to give to other Temporary

Well, I was just thiking about /et set but you can also do /et tempset so add more commands :slight_smile:

I get the tempset, but the set why not just give them the permission ?

As an example, I was thinking about an elytra race and I would need a /et set until the end of the race where I would use /et unset or /et set none. Well, not me but an automated command.

We can also imagine a special world and when people teleport to this world they have an automatic /et set random as well as a /et unsetwhen leaving.

And for creative world, people can chose with /et set.

These are examples :slight_smile: